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Program Availability: Winter 2017

Unless otherwise indicated by the notation CANCELLED/CLOSED/SUSPENDED Seneca College is still accepting applications for these programs. WAIT LIST indicates that the College will consider applications if seats should become available. Consideration for a place in an OPEN program is dependent upon the number of applications received. Applicants will be processed in order of date, provided the program is still open.

Program Availability: By Term.

Seneca College reserves the right to defer, limit or cancel any program as a result of changes occurring subsequent to the publication of this program status document.

Code Program Name Campus Winter 2017
DAN 3D Animation Seneca@York OPEN
ESC 911 and Emergency Services Communications King OPEN
ACC Accounting Newnham OPEN
ACF Accounting and Finance (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
APP Accounting and Payroll (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
ACT Accounting Techniques Newnham OPEN
ACV Acting for Camera and Voice Seneca@York OPEN
ANI Animation Seneca@York CLOSED
AST Applied Science and Technology Fundamentals Newnham SUSPENDED
AST Applied Science and Technology Fundamentals Seneca@York SUSPENDED
AFD Art Fundamentals Seneca@York OPEN
ASU Arts and Science - University Transfer Seneca@York OPEN
BTA Biotechnology Advanced Seneca@York WAIT LIST
RTVR Broadcasting - Radio Seneca@York SUSPENDED
RTYR Broadcasting - Radio (Joint Seneca/York) Seneca@York SUSPENDED
RTVT Broadcasting - Television Seneca@York WAIT LIST
RTYT Broadcasting - Television(Joint Seneca/York) Seneca@York WAIT LIST
BTS Building Systems Engineering Technician (Optional Co-op) Newnham WAIT LIST
BBS Business Newnham OPEN
BIN Business - Insurance Newnham OPEN
BUI Business - International Business Newnham OPEN
BMT Business - Marketing Markham OPEN
BAS Business Administration - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Newnham OPEN
BAF Business Administration - Financial Planning (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
BHR Business Administration - Human Resources (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
BAB Business Administration - International Business Newnham OPEN
BAG Business Administration - Management Newnham OPEN
BAM Business Administration - Marketing (Optional Co-op) Markham OPEN
BAO Business Administration - Purchasing and Supply Management Newnham OPEN
CHY Chemical Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) Seneca@York WAIT LIST
CLT Chemical Laboratory Technician Seneca@York WAIT LIST
CLP Chemical Laboratory Technology - Pharmaceutical (Optional Co-op) Seneca@York WAIT LIST
CVL Civil Engineering Technician (Optional Co-op) Newnham WAIT LIST
CVT Civil Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) Newnham WAIT LIST
CAP College Opportunities Newnham OPEN
ECT Computer Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) Newnham WAIT LIST
CNS Computer Networking and Technical Support Seneca@York WAIT LIST
CPD Computer Programmer Seneca@York WAIT LIST
CPA Computer Programming and Analysis (Optional Co-op) Seneca@York WAIT LIST
CTY Computer Systems Technology (Optional Co-op) Seneca@York WAIT LIST
CTM Cosmetic Techniques and Management Newnham WAIT LIST
CAB Creative Advertising Markham OPEN
DAD Database Application Developer (Optional Co-op) Seneca@York CLOSED
ECE Early Childhood Education King OPEN
ECE Early Childhood Education Newnham WAIT LIST
EEN Electronics Engineering Technician (Optional Co-op) Newnham WAIT LIST
EET Electronics Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) Newnham WAIT LIST
EST Esthetician Newnham WAIT LIST
EAS Esthetics and Spa Therapies Newnham WAIT LIST
EMP Event and Media Production Seneca@York SUSPENDED
EVM Event Marketing - Sports, Entertainment, Arts (Optional Co-op) Markham OPEN
FAA Fashion Arts Newnham WAIT LIST
FST Fashion Studies Newnham OPEN
FPN Fire Protection Engineering Technician Newnham OPEN
FPT Fire Protection Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
FFP Firefighter, Pre-Service Education and Training Newnham OPEN
FLS Flight Services Markham OPEN
GAA Game Art and Animation Seneca@York OPEN
GAP General Arts King OPEN
GAP General Arts Newnham OPEN
GAP General Arts Seneca@York OPEN
GEA General Arts - English for Academic Purposes Newnham OPEN
GBD Global Hospitality Business Development (Optional Co-op) Markham OPEN
GOM Global Hospitality Operations Management (Optional Co-op) Markham OPEN
GRM Government Relations Seneca@York OPEN
GRMC Government Relations Co-Op Seneca@York OPEN
GRA Graphic Design Seneca@York OPEN
BBP Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology (Co-op) King OPEN
BBM Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Business Management (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
FSM Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Financial Services Management (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
HST Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resources Strategy and Technology (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
IAF Honours Bachelor of Commerce - International Accounting and Finance (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
BMI Honours Bachelor of Commerce - International Business Management (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
INS Honours Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
IFS Honours Bachelor of Technology - Informatics and Security (Co-op) Seneca@York OPEN
BSD Honours Bachelor of Technology - Software Development (Co-op) Seneca@York CLOSED
HTM Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Services Management Markham OPEN
HFC Hospitality Foundations Markham OPEN
HRM Human Resources Management Newnham OPEN
HRMC Human Resources Management (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
IDP Independent Digital Photography Seneca@York OPEN
ILU Independent Illustration Seneca@York WAIT LIST
IMP Independent Music Production Seneca@York OPEN
INM Interactive Media Design Seneca@York OPEN
IBS International Business Management Newnham OPEN
TCS International Transportation and Customs Newnham OPEN
LCK Law Clerk Newnham WAIT LIST
LCKA Law Clerk (3 Semesters Accelerated) Newnham OPEN
LAT Liberal Arts University Transfer Newnham OPEN
LAT Liberal Arts University Transfer Seneca@York OPEN
MKM Marketing Management Markham WAIT LIST
MBT Mechanical Engineering Technology - Building Sciences (Optional Co-op) Newnham WAIT LIST
MATP Mechanical Techniques - CNC Programming Jane OPEN
BSCN Nursing - Collaborative BScN (Joint York/Seneca program) King CLOSED
EXS Office Administration - Executive (42-week Accelerated) Newnham OPEN
MES Office Administration - Health Services Newnham WAIT LIST
RAQC Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations (Co-op) Seneca@York CLOSED
LAW Police Foundations King OPEN
PND Practical Nursing King CLOSED
PND Practical Nursing York Gate CLOSED
PBS Pre-Business Newnham OPEN
PHS Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees (Formerly: Pre-Health Science) King OPEN
MFD Pre-Media (Media and Communications Fundamentals) Seneca@York OPEN
PMC Project Management - Information Technology Seneca@York OPEN
PRC Public Relations - Corporate Communications Seneca@York OPEN
PRCC Public Relations - Corporate Communications (Co-op) Seneca@York WAIT LIST
IRM Public Relations - Investor Relations Seneca@York SUSPENDED
IRMC Public Relations - Investor Relations (Co-op) Seneca@York SUSPENDED
SMD Social Media Markham SUSPENDED
SSW Social Service Worker York Gate CLOSED
SCM Supply Chain Management - Global Logistics Newnham OPEN
TTO Tourism - Travel Operations Markham OPEN
TFS Tourism - Services Management - Flight Services Specialization Markham OPEN
GTB Tourism - Services Management - Global Tourism Business Specialization Markham OPEN
TIS Tourism - Services Management - Travel Services Specialization Markham OPEN
VTA Veterinary Assistant King CLOSED
VFT Visual Effects for Film and Television Seneca@York OPEN

English language training for international student attending college on a study permit.

ELI English Language Institute Newnham OPEN