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Program Availability: Summer 2018

Unless otherwise indicated by the notation CANCELLED/CLOSED/SUSPENDED Seneca College is still accepting applications for these programs. WAIT LIST indicates that the College will consider applications if seats should become available. Consideration for a place in an OPEN program is dependent upon the number of applications received. Applicants will be processed in order of date, provided the program is still open.

Program Availability: By Term.

Seneca College reserves the right to defer, limit or cancel any program as a result of changes occurring subsequent to the publication of this program status document.

Code Program Name Campus Availability
ACC Accounting Newnham OPEN
ACF Accounting and Finance Newnham OPEN
ACV Acting for Camera and Voice Seneca@York SUSPENDED
AFD Art Fundamentals Seneca@York WAIT LIST
BBS Business Newnham OPEN
BUI Business - International Business Newnham OPEN
BMT Business - Marketing Markham OPEN
BAS Business Administration - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Newnham OPEN
BAF Business Administration - Financial Planning Newnham OPEN
BAB Business Administration - International Business Newnham OPEN
BAG Business Administration - Management Newnham OPEN
BAM Business Administration - Marketing Markham OPEN
BAO Business Administration - Purchasing and Supply Management Newnham OPEN
CLT Chemical Laboratory Technician Seneca@York OPEN
ECT Computer Engineering Technology Newnham OPEN
CNS Computer Networking and Technical Support Seneca@York OPEN
CPD Computer Programmer Seneca@York WAIT LIST
CPA Computer Programming and Analysis Seneca@York WAIT LIST
CTY Computer Systems Technology Seneca@York OPEN
CSPC Cosmetic Science Seneca@York CLOSED
ECE Early Childhood Education Newnham WAIT LIST
ECYA Early Childhood Education (Accelerated) Newnham OPEN
EEN Electronics Engineering Technician Newnham OPEN
EET Electronics Engineering Technology Newnham OPEN
FLS Flight Services Markham OPEN
FSO Flight Services: Operations and Cabin Management Markham OPEN
GBD Global Hospitality Business Development Markham OPEN
GOM Global Hospitality Operations Management Markham OPEN
GRM Government Relations Seneca@York OPEN
GRA Graphic Design Seneca@York OPEN
HFC Hospitality Foundations Markham OPEN
IMP Independent Music Production Seneca@York OPEN
INM Interactive Media Design Seneca@York WAIT LIST
TCS International Transportation and Customs Newnham OPEN
LITA Library and Information Technician (Accelerated) Newnham OPEN
MHI Mental Health Intervention King OPEN
MES Office Administration - Health Services (Accelerated) Newnham OPEN
PLEA Paralegal (Accelerated) Newnham OPEN
PSWC Personal Support Worker YorkGate CLOSED
RAQC Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations Seneca@York CLOSED
PBS Pre-Business Newnham OPEN
SSWA Social Service Worker (Accelerated) King OPEN
SSGA Social Service Worker - Gerontology (Accelerated) King OPEN
SSIA Social Service Worker - Immigrants and Refugees (Accelerated) Seneca@York OPEN
TTO Tourism - Travel Operations Markham OPEN
GTB Tourism - Services Management - Global Tourism Business Specialization Markham OPEN
TIS Tourism - Services Management - Travel Services Specialization Markham OPEN

English language training for international student attending college on a study permit.

ELI English Language Institute Newnham OPEN


*Fast Track Programs offer direct entry into the program based on completion or partial completion of a degree/college diploma or equivalent work experience.