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Program Availability: Winter 2018

Unless otherwise indicated by the notation CANCELLED/CLOSED/SUSPENDED Seneca College is still accepting applications for these programs. WAIT LIST indicates that the College will consider applications if seats should become available. Consideration for a place in an OPEN program is dependent upon the number of applications received. Applicants will be processed in order of date, provided the program is still open.

Program Availability: By Term.

Seneca College reserves the right to defer, limit or cancel any program as a result of changes occurring subsequent to the publication of this program status document.

Code Program Name Campus Winter 2018
DAN 3D Animation Seneca@York OPEN
ESC 911 and Emergency Services Communications King OPEN
ACC Accounting Newnham OPEN
ACF Accounting and Finance (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
APP Accounting and Payroll (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
ACT Accounting Techniques Newnham OPEN
ACV Acting for Camera and Voice Seneca@York OPEN
ANI Animation Seneca@York OPEN
AFD Art Fundamentals Seneca@York OPEN
ASU Arts and Science - University Transfer Seneca@York OPEN
BHS Behavioural Sciences King OPEN
BTA Biotechnology Advanced Seneca@York OPEN
RTVT Broadcasting - Television Seneca@York OPEN
RTYT Broadcasting - Television(Joint Seneca/York) Seneca@York OPEN
BTS Building Systems Engineering Technician (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
BBS Business Newnham OPEN
BIN Business - Insurance Newnham OPEN
BUI Business - International Business Newnham OPEN
BMT Business - Marketing Markham OPEN
BAS Business Administration - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Newnham OPEN
BAF Business Administration - Financial Planning (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
BHR Business Administration - Human Resources (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
BAB Business Administration - International Business Newnham OPEN
BAG Business Administration - Management Newnham OPEN
BAM Business Administration - Marketing (Optional Co-op) Markham OPEN
BAO Business Administration - Purchasing and Supply Management Newnham OPEN
CHY Chemical Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) Seneca@York OPEN
CLT Chemical Laboratory Technician Seneca@York OPEN
CLP Chemical Laboratory Technology - Pharmaceutical (Optional Co-op) Seneca@York OPEN
CVL Civil Engineering Technician (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
CVT Civil Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
CAP College Opportunities Newnham OPEN
ECT Computer Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
CNS Computer Networking and Technical Support Seneca@York OPEN
CPD Computer Programmer Seneca@York OPEN
CPA Computer Programming and Analysis (Optional Co-op) Seneca@York OPEN
CTY Computer Systems Technology (Optional Co-op) Seneca@York OPEN
CTM Cosmetic Techniques and Management Newnham OPEN
CAB Creative Advertising Markham OPEN
DAD Database Application Developer (Optional Co-op) Seneca@York OPEN
ECE Early Childhood Education King OPEN
ECE Early Childhood Education Newnham OPEN
EEN Electronics Engineering Technician (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
EET Electronics Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
EST Esthetician Newnham OPEN
EAS Esthetics and Spa Therapies Newnham OPEN
EVM Event Marketing - Sports, Entertainment, Arts (Optional Co-op) Markham OPEN
FAA Fashion Arts Newnham OPEN
FPN Fire Protection Engineering Technician Newnham OPEN
FPT Fire Protection Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
FFP Firefighter, Pre-Service Education and Training Newnham OPEN
FLS Flight Services Markham OPEN
FSO Flight Services: Operations and Cabin Management Markham OPEN
GAA Game Art and Animation Seneca@York OPEN
GAP General Arts King OPEN
GAP General Arts Newnham OPEN
GAP General Arts Seneca@York OPEN
GEA General Arts - English for Academic Purposes Newnham OPEN
GBD Global Hospitality Business Development (Optional Co-op) Markham OPEN
GOM Global Hospitality Operations Management (Optional Co-op) Markham OPEN
GRM Government Relations Seneca@York OPEN
GRMC Government Relations Co-Op Seneca@York OPEN
GRA Graphic Design Seneca@York OPEN
BBM Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Business Management (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
FSM Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Financial Services Management (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
HST Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resources Strategy and Technology (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
IAF Honours Bachelor of Commerce - International Accounting and Finance (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
BMI Honours Bachelor of Commerce - International Business Management (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
BMRK Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Marketing (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
INS Honours Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
IFS Honours Bachelor of Technology - Informatics and Security (Co-op) Seneca@York OPEN
BSD Honours Bachelor of Technology - Software Development (Co-op) Seneca@York OPEN
DTR Honours Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation (Co-op) King OPEN
HTM Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Services Management Markham OPEN
HFC Hospitality Foundations Markham OPEN
HRM Human Resources Management Newnham OPEN
HRMC Human Resources Management (Co-op) Newnham OPEN
IDP Independent Digital Photography Seneca@York OPEN
ILU Independent Illustration Seneca@York OPEN
IMP Independent Music Production Seneca@York OPEN
INM Interactive Media Design Seneca@York OPEN
IBS International Business Management Newnham OPEN
TCS International Transportation and Customs Newnham OPEN
JRN Journalism Newnham OPEN
JRNY Journalism (Joint Seneca/York) Newnham OPEN
LCK Law Clerk Newnham OPEN
LCKA Law Clerk (3 Semesters Accelerated) Newnham OPEN
LAT Liberal Arts University Transfer Newnham OPEN
LAT Liberal Arts University Transfer Seneca@York OPEN
MKM Marketing Management Markham OPEN
MBT Mechanical Engineering Technology - Building Sciences (Optional Co-op) Newnham OPEN
MATP Mechanical Techniques - CNC Programming Jane OPEN
BSCN Nursing - Collaborative BScN (Joint York/Seneca program) King OPEN
EXS Office Administration - Executive (42-week Accelerated) Newnham OPEN
MES Office Administration - Health Services Newnham OPEN
RAQC Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations (Co-op) Seneca@York OPEN
LAW Police Foundations King OPEN
PND Practical Nursing King CLOSED
PND Practical Nursing York Gate CLOSED
PBS Pre-Business Newnham OPEN
PHS Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees (Formerly: Pre-Health Science) King OPEN
MFD Pre-Media (Media and Communications Fundamentals) Seneca@York OPEN
PMC Project Management - Information Technology Seneca@York OPEN
PRC Public Relations - Corporate Communications Seneca@York OPEN
PRCC Public Relations - Corporate Communications (Co-op) Seneca@York OPEN
IRM Public Relations - Investor Relations Seneca@York SUSPENDED
IRMC Public Relations - Investor Relations (Co-op) Seneca@York SUSPENDED
SSW Social Service Worker York Gate OPEN
SCM Supply Chain Management - Global Logistics Newnham OPEN
TTO Tourism - Travel Operations Markham OPEN
GTB Tourism - Services Management - Global Tourism Business Specialization Markham OPEN
TIS Tourism - Services Management - Travel Services Specialization Markham OPEN
VTA Veterinary Assistant King OPEN
VFT Visual Effects for Film and Television Seneca@York OPEN

English language training for international student attending college on a study permit.

ELI English Language Institute Newnham OPEN