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Program Code:ACC
Campus:Markham, Newnham
Duration:4 Semesters (2 Years)
Fall, Winter, Summer

Credential Awarded:Ontario College Diploma

Program Description

The Accounting (ACC) program provides you with a thorough knowledge of accounting practices and related technology applications and the business fundamentals and soft skills needed to find employment immediately after graduation.

You'll benefit from courses delivered using hands-on computer applications, including use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Access relational database management software.

You'll also be encouraged to combine your program of study with meaningful summer work experience.

Admission Requirements

Program Eligibility:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with:
    • Grade 12 English: ENG4(C) or ENG4(U)
    • Grade 12 Mathematics: (C) or (U) or Grade 11 Mathematics: (U) or (M)
  • OR Mature Student Status (age 19 or older) with the above prerequisite course(s), their equivalent(s), or appropriate Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Certification program credits (see Academic Upgrading).


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Your Career

Start your career as a small business accountant, accounts payable/receivable analyst, general accounting co-ordinator, accounting technician, payroll administrator, tax return specialist or junior corporate accountant. Our Accounting (ACC) diploma program will prepare you for a range of challenging entry-level accounting positions in virtually every segment of the Canadian and global economy.

Transfer Pathways

Through transfer agreements and institution partnerships, graduates of this Seneca College program may be eligible for credit at the following post-secondary institution(s):


University/CollegeDegrees Available
Seneca College• Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resources Strategy and Technology
• Bachelor of Commerce, Business Management
• Bachelor of Commerce, International Business Management
• Bachelor of Commerce, International Accounting and Finance
• Bachelor of Commerce, Financial Services Management
Tyndale University College• Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration, Business Administration – Co-op, Business Administration – Health & Human Services, Business Administration – International Development)
York University• Bachelor of Administrative Studies (BAS)
• Bachelor of Administrative Studies (BAS)


University/CollegeDegrees Available
Algoma University• Bachelor of Business Administration
• Bachelor of Arts in a related field
• Bachelor of Business Administration (Brampton)
Nipissing University• Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce
University of Ottawa• Bachelor of Commerce
Wilfrid Laurier University• Honours Bachelor of Arts
• Honours Bachelor of Business Technology Management
University of Windsor• Bachelor of Commerce – Honours Business Administration


University/CollegeDegrees Available
Athabasca University• Bachelor of Management or Bachelor of Commerce
• Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations
Okanagan College• Bachelor of Business Administration
Royal Roads University• Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management or Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainability and International Business


University/CollegeDegrees Available
University at Buffalo• Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Davenport University• BBA – Accounting Fraud Investigation, Accounting Information Management, Finance or BBA/MAcc – Honors Professional Accountancy


University/CollegeDegrees Available
Griffith University• Bachelor of Commerce

Professional Certification

CPA LogoAssuming grade requirements are met, ACC graduates will also have completed nine of ten Program and Technical prerequisite courses required for entry into CPA Canada's Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF). Details.

ACC graduates choosing to pursue the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation may transfer into Seneca's Bachelor of Commerce-International Accounting and Finance program, assuming minimum grade requirements are met.

CPA Ontario Learning Centre

Grow your accounting and finance skill set in a space dedicated to supporting and engaging Seneca students, whether at the introductory or advanced levels of their accounting studies. Academic support is offered in partnership with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. Located in the Newnham Campus Learning Centre.

Important Academic Dates

Please take a few moments to view Important Academic Dates for your relevant term.


Please select the curriculum from the Academic Year in which you started (or will be starting) your studies. An Academic Year begins in September and ends in August of the following year.

2014/2015 Academic Year
Semester 1 * Course Name Hrs/Wk
ACC120 Accounting Basics I 4
BAM101 Introduction to Business Administration 3
EAC150 College English 3
QNM106 Mathematics of Finance 4
SSC100 Success Strategies for College 2
Semester 2 * Course Name Hrs/Wk
ACC220 Accounting Basics II 4
MRK108 Marketing I 3
OBR250 Organizational Behaviour 3
QNM222 Business Statistics 4
SMS216 Systems Studies I 3
XXXXXX General Education Option 3
Semester 3 Course Name Hrs/Wk
ACC416 Intermediate Accounting Part 1 4
ALW381 Business Law for Accounting 3
EAC349 Business Communication for Accounting 4
ECN501 Introduction to Principles of Economics - Micro 3
SMS315 System Studies II 3
Semester 4 Course Name Hrs/Wk
ACC400 Taxation 4
ACC417 Intermediate Accounting Part II 4
ACC433 Managerial Accounting 4
ECN502 Introduction to Principles of Economics - Macro 3
SMS416 or
Systems Studies III or
Financial Management
XXXXXX General Education Option 3

* Common First Semester or Year for Accounting (ACC), Accounting and Finance (ACF) and Accounting and Payroll (APP) students.

Note: To proceed to Semester 3, students must have completed or be registered in EAC150.

2015/2016 Academic Year
Semester 1 *
Accounting Basics I
Introduction to Business Administration
College English
Mathematics of Finance
Introduction to Seneca Studies
Semester 2 *
Accounting Basics II
Introduction to Marketing
Introduction to Principles of Economics - Micro
Business Statistics
Systems Studies I
General Education Option
Semester 3
Intermediate Accounting I, Part 1
Business Law for Accounting
Business Communications for the Digital Workplace
Organizational Behaviour
Systems Studies II
Semester 4
Intermediate Accounting I, Part 2
Managerial Accounting
Introduction to Principles of Economics - Macro
Financial Management
General Education Option

* Common first year for Accounting (ACC), Accounting and Finance (ACF) and first semester for Accounting and Payroll (APP) and Accounting Techniques (ACT) students.

Contact Us

Admissions Advisors:
Domestic Admissions Advisor: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 22840
International Admissions Advisor: Salaha Fatima
(416) 491-5050 Ext. 22081
Registration & Records Advisors:
Newnham Campus: Liam McElheron
(416) 491-5050 Ext. 22464
Markham Campus: Marc Combetto
(416) 491-5050 Ext. 77435
Program Contacts:
Student Advisor: Newnham Campus: Sheilagh Stephenson
(416) 491-5050 Ext. 22795
Student Advisor: Markham Campus: Izabela Loranty
(416) 491-5050 Ext. 77547
International Student Advisor: Xiaolei Wu
(416) 491-5050 Ext. 22642
Program Coordinator, Newnham Campus: Simon Lee
(416) 491-5050 Ext. 22794
Program Coordinator, Markham Campus: Michael Longworth
(416) 491-5050 Ext. 77537
Program Chair: Karen Murkar
(416) 491-5050 Ext. 22337
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