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  • Environmental Landscape Management

    Environmental Landscape Management


Program Code:EVLC
Duration:4 Semesters (2 Years)
Start Dates:Fall,
Start dates are subject to change
Credential Awarded:Ontario College Diploma

Program Description

Situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine, Seneca College, King Campus is part of a provincially significant wetland complex and is a valued source of headwaters to the Humber River watershed (part of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System). Outdoor training and educational sessions on the 283 hectares (700 acres) of our beautiful natural campus environment provide you with a wide variety of skills development and knowledge. This practical experience combined with the co–op education work–term prepares you with the broad range of skills required by employers in both private and public organizations.

The EVLC program curriculum is unique in that it offers a link between the study of ecology with the more traditional type of landscaping and horticulture programs.

This overview of our entire ecosystem allows you to understand the impact humans can have on our natural environment and what measures can be taken to protect and/or restore natural landscapes.

The demand by employers for skilled and committed graduates from programs such as EVLC is increasing greatly. As a graduate of ELVC, you’ll have a wide variety of career options with public organizations and private companies, or you may choose to start your own business. Our graduates leverage their ELVC diplomas to build interesting and exciting careers in landscape management.

Admission Requirements

Program Eligibility:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with:
    • Grade 12 English: ENG4(C) or ENG4(U)
  • OR Mature Student Status (age 19 or older) with the above prerequisite course(s), their equivalent(s), or appropriate Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Certificate program credits (see Academic Upgrading).


  • The practical skills training and co–op work components in this program involve physically challenging work. The outdoor environment and some program activities may offer an element of risk. To succeed, students must be capable of participating in strenuous physical activity and be safety conscious to provide a safe learning experience. If you have concerns or questions regarding the nature of this work, please contact the program co–ordinator.

The Importance of Learning Skills:

Student success in college requires well developed learning skills (such as being able to work independently, participate in a team, be well–organized, develop good work habits, and show initiative). These skills are as important as prior academic achievement. While it is expected that applicants would have developed these skills through previous education and life experiences, Seneca offers support to assist students with further development of these important skills. Seminars, workshops and tutoring are available at Seneca's Learning Centres.


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Your Career

Earn your diploma in Environmental Landscape Management (Co–op) and launch your landscaping career. You’ll find opportunities in specialized and general landscape companies, horticultural nursery and greenhouse operations, municipal parks departments and conservation authorities, as well as golf courses, tourist resorts and other private and public parks. Or you could choose to start your own private contracting firm instead. Your practical education will prepare you for a diverse range of careers in landscape management.

Affiliations and Associations

  • Conservation Authorities of Ontario
  • Landscape Ontario
  • Municipal Parks Departments
  • Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation
  • Ontario and Canadian Co–op Education Associations
  • Ontario Parks Association
  • Private sector employers throughout Ontario
  • Tallgrass Ontario

Co-operative Education Option

This is a co–operative education program which formally integrates academic study with a semester of paid work experience in government operations and/or private companies. Following successful completion of your second academic semester, you’ll complete a 14–week work–term. You’ll receive pre–work– term orientation sessions, be monitored during the work–term, and, on completion, attend a debriefing session. The continuous length of the program is five semesters.

Co-op Model
  Sept-Dec Jan-Apr May-Aug
Year 1 Academic 1 Academic 2 Work-Term
Year 2 Academic 3 Academic 4  

General Education

One of the general education courses must be a literature course (from any category) for which EAC150 is a pre-requisite.

Diploma to Degree... and Beyond

Through transfer agreements and institution partnerships, graduates of this Seneca College program may be eligible for credit at the following post-secondary institution(s):


University/CollegeDegrees Available
York University• Any relevant degree or major


University/CollegeDegrees Available
Wilfrid Laurier University - Brantford Campus• Honours Bachelor of Arts


University/CollegeDegrees Available
University of New Brunswick• Bachelor of Applied Management (General Business)

Important Academic Dates

Please take a few moments to view Important Academic Dates for your relevant semester.


Semester 1 Course Name Hrs/Wk
EAC150 College English 3
EVL124 Introduction to Environmental Services 4
EVL134 Machinery Operation and Maintenance 2
EVL165 Arboriculture 4
EVL168 Turf Maintenance 3
EVL175 Practical Horticulture 3
EVL185 Foundations of Field Ecology 4
CPP100 Co-op Professional Theory 1
Semester 2 Course Name Hrs/Wk
EVL205 Environmental Services Management 4
EVL234 Machinery Theory 2
EVL264 Greenhouse Operations 4
EVL265 Horticulture - Level 2 4
EVL285 Terrestrial Ecosystems 4
XXXXXX General Education Option 3
CPP100 Co-op Professional Theory 1
CWT100 Co-op Work Term (Mandatory end of April to late September)
Semester 3 Course Name Hrs/Wk
EVL355 Introduction to Computer-aided Design 4
EVL375 Business Management - Level 1 4
EVL384 Landscape Construction 5
EVL385 Aquatic Ecosystems 4
CPP200 Co-op Professional Practice 1
XXXXXX General Education Option 3
Semester 4 Course Name Hrs/Wk
EVL453 Landscape Design 4
EVL473 Integrated Pest Management 3
EVL475 Business Management - Level 2 2
EVL486 Urban Ecology 3
EVL496 Natural Heritage Monitoring and Assessment 4
XXXXXX General Education Option 3

Contact Us

For more information, please visit our website at:
Admissions Advisors:
Domestic Admissions Advisor: Shelley Ferguson
Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 55115
International Admissions Advisor: Valentyna Gorodovych
Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 22432
Registration & Records Advisor:
  Shelley Ferguson
Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 55115
Program Contacts:
Program Coordinator: Jane Davey
Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 55302
Program Chair: Mona Nouroozifar
Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 55010
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