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Industry Endorsements

There is an unprecedented demand for professionals with business skills grounded within the hospitality and tourism industry. Employers are in need of leaders with skills in outstanding customer service, marketing and sales, and operations.

I believe that the graduates from these programs will have the skills necessary to compete and succeed in the hospitality and tourism sector.

Carole-Ann Williams, CHRL, CHRE
Director, Human Resources
Sheraton Parkway Toronto North

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Over the last few years Seneca has invited Contiki to be a part of the tourism curriculum.  Through class presentations, the Contiki Champions web training, career fairs and experiential day trips students have been able to become experts on the Contiki product before entering the travel industry. Seneca students and faculty are always amazing to work with and are enthusiastic to stay ahead of the curve, and provide the best tools and experiences.  We look forward to working with Seneca even more in the future.

Jenni Berg
Regional Business Development Executive 
Contiki Holidays

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I look forward to meeting your students to discuss opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge to exciting, real life situations within our operation. Initiatives will centre around leveraging national marketing programs and driving consistent execution of our world-class and evolving guest experiences.

J. Todd Finlayson 
Finlayson Hospitality Partners Inc.
McDonald's Restaurants - York Region  

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The Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto has been an industry partner with Seneca College for the last few years and we continue to hire students from Seneca College year after year because Seneca's hospitality program gives students a solid understanding of the principles of the service industry. We look forward to a long relationship with Seneca College and their students for many years to come.

Samantha Paul
Assistant Clubhouse Manager
Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto

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After a positive experience at the Career Expo, we look forward to expanding the relationship between Seneca and Thakkar Group Restaurants by working closely with students from the Global Hospitality Operations Management, and Global Hospitality Business Development programs, as well as other related programs at the College.

We look forward to meeting more candidates and providing them with opportunities to put their operations management and business development skills in to practice. We are confident that candidates will find excellent training opportunities and long-term career prospects within our organization, and we are dedicated to supporting them along the way.

Chinmay Thakkar,  
Franchise Owner
Tim Hortons
Thakkar Group Restaurants

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As a company well aware of the implications of management, marketing, sales, and operations in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors, the Global Hospitality Business Development and Global Hospitality Operations Management Ontario Graduate Certificate programs are both timely and relevant to current and future industry needs.

The rate of change in today’s business environment is accelerating. It is programs such as these that prepare graduates with the leadership skills necessary to compete and succeed in the industry.

Tristan Lockie
Vice President, General Management

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