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Programs Requiring International Students to be in Ontario, Canada to Apply

Pre-admission tests for the following programs, are only conducted in-person, on-site, at Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and they are:

There are two main reasons for pre-admission testing, on-site, at Seneca only.

  1. you will need to complete the Mature Applicant Entrance Test if you don’t have a Grade 12 (or equivalent) credit in English and/or Mathematics;


  1. you will also need to write a pre-admission test if you have applied to highly competitive (oversubscribed) programs, as stated above.

You will receive correspondence advising you of the details. Test results and other information will be used to arrive at a rank-ordered list of applicants. Offers of Admission are granted to the top students. There is a $55 pre-admission test fee, if you are asked to the above Programs Orientation and pre-testing session, provided you are in Canada, and will consent to come in person to the Orientation: Testing session. Seneca regrets that we cannot offer these program pre-tests to international students, currently living in their home countries.

Programs not offered to International Students:

  • Human Resources Management (Co-operative Education Option) (HRMC)
  • Large Animal Health and Production (LAH)
  • Paralegal (PLE)
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations (RAQC)
  • Practical Nursing (PND) - September (Fall) 2017 & January (Winter) 2018
  • Veterinary Technician Program (VTE)