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Seneca In Your Country

Our Seneca College representatives may be visiting your country soon. Below are cities and countries we will be travelling to. If we happen to be in your area, please drop by and visit us. Check your local newspaper or educational Agency for further details. We look forward to meeting you!

January - April 2017

January 13-February 9: India

(Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Nagpur, Patiala, Bathinda, Mumbai, Banghalore, Trivandrum, Kottayam, Kochi, Calicut)

January 19-25: Kazakhstan

January 22-23: Nicaragua

January 24: Ghana

January 24-25: El Salvador

January 26: Nigeria (Abuja)

January 26-27: Honduras

January 27-28: Nigeria (Lagos)

January 29-February 4: India


February 2017

February 1-4: Kenya

February 4: Guyana

February 5-10: Russia

February 5-10: United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

February 6-17: Mexico

February 9-13: Indonesia

February 10-19: Ukraine

February 11-17: Tanzania (Arusha & Dar es Salaam)

February 14-28: China (various cities)

February 16: Korea (Seoul)

February 18-20: Mauritius

February 20-26: Hong Kong

February 21-22: Aruba

February 23-24: St. Vincent

February 23-26: Taiwan

February 25-28: Israel

February 27-March 3: China

February 27-March 2: Taiwan


March 2017

March 1-8: France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland

March 6-16: Brazil

March 9-14: Vietnam

March 9-15: Serbia

March 16-20: Russia

March 17: Thailand (Bangkok)

March 17-18: Japan

March 20-23: Taiwan

March 21: Korea (Jeonju City)

March 22: Korea (Daegu City)

March 23: Korea (Busan City)

March 24-28: China

March 24-April 2: Colombia

March 24-April 9: Taiwan

March 25-26: Korea (Seoul)


April 2017

April 4-5: Ecuador

April 22-26: Vancouver

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