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Tuition and fees

Tuition fees are payable to Seneca College as per the invoice issued with each offer of admission. However, tuition fees for the first semester are collected by INSCOL. The transfer of fees to Seneca may take some time and the student account may show an outstanding amount. Students are advised to check their student account for updated fees after the first month of the program. Outstanding fees in the student account for the first semester of studies will not affect timetables and access to student services. Please note that the second semester fees are payable directly to Seneca College according to the due date listed on the student account. Outstanding fees in the second semester may affect access to timetables and student services.


Estimated living costs in Canada

Books $400-$900* (1 semester)

Students can expect to budget approximately $1,000 - $1,200* per month for all living costs.

Housing $450-$850* (1 month)
Transportation $100* (1 month)

*All fees are approximate and in Canadian dollars