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Prepare for Your Arrival

Pre-arrival Checklist

Welcome to Seneca College! The checklist below will help you prepare for your new life at Seneca College.

Before you leave your country

The Following documents must be obtained before you enter Canada:

Valid Passport 

Study Permit 

Canadian Visa
If you require one, please visit the Canadian Immigration of Canada site.

Letter of Acceptance from Seneca College
Your acceptance may be conditional, which means the College still needs more information before you can begin your classes. Check the Offer of Admission page in your acceptance package for any conditions. You may also want to read your International Welcome Guide for other information.

We also recommend you make photocopies of all of the above for your records. 

Other Important Items:

Immunization and Medical Records (translated in English)
Should you need to see a Doctor, they may ask you for your Immunization (vaccination) records. To download a copy, click here.

Driver's license/International Driver's License and Driving Insurance Record
If you plan to Drive or bring your car.

Identification other than your passport

Credit Card (if applicable)

Reference Letters from your Employers
If you had a job prior to coming to Canada 


People tend to dress casually in Ontario, but you may wish to bring cultural clothing or more formal wear for special occasions.

Appropriate clothing for warm and cold weather.
Spring and Summer temperatures range from 15C (60F) to 30C (80F). Winter temperatures (Except January, which is the coldest month) are slightly below freezing.

Your own bed sheets, pillows and towels.
If you are staying at the Seneca Residence.

Electrical Appliances:

Electrical systems in Canada operate at 110 volts and 60 Hz. Most appliances have a three-pin plug although some have two-pin standard North American plugs.  

An adaptor/converter for your existing electrical appliances (if necessary)

Hair dryer


Make a  list of all the goods you are bringing into Canada, including vehicles (US students)
If any of the items have a serial number (electronics), be sure to record those numbers. Mark all items on your list with approximate monetary values.

Do not bring any food into Canada

Visit the Canada Border Services Agency website for more information 

Contact Seneca College:

Accept your offer of admission
By paying your tuition fee, you are accepting your offer of admission to Seneca as well as guaranteeing a seat in the program. Remember to pay by the deadline date or you will lose your seat.

Review your Conditions of Acceptance  
Your acceptance may be conditional, which means the College still needs more information before you can begin your classes. Check the Offer of Admission page in your acceptance package for any conditions.

Confirm your Visa status with Seneca
Email us at: to let us know if you have received your visa. Don't forget to include your full name and Seneca ID number. This will help to make your registration process go smoothly and will help to avoid delays related to the processing of your timetable.

Book your Skills Assessment appointment
New Seneca students need to make an appointment to write the Skills Assessment test, even if you’ve already written a pre-admissions test. The test will help us determine the best level of English, and for some programs math, for you to study. Getting your first-semester timetable depends on a completed assessment. How to book your appointment.

Book your Airport Pick-up
Free airport pick up is provided for new students. Please book your airport pick up by completing the Airport Pick-Up Request Form.

Arrival Checklist

International Students should plan to arrive in Toronto at least one week prior to the start of the semester.

When you arrive at Seneca College

Contact Seneca College:

Visit the International Admissions Office
You must submit a copy of your Study Permit to the International Admissions Office upon arrival at Seneca.

Submit an Address in Canada Form
You must submit an Address In Canada Form to the International Admissions Office. Seneca requires your new address in Ontario for the College mail to reach you during the year. The College should always have your current local Ontario address on file. The form can be found at the back of the International Welcome Guide.

Print the Orientation Schedule
English Language student as well as Professional program students must attend Orientation. You may download the schedule here.

Purchase your books
During your first week of class, you’ll receive course outlines that list the books you need for each of your classes. Some students may receive a booklist beforehand, depending on their program. Generally, it’s best to wait until you’ve been to your first class before purchasing your books.

Read about your student health and dental insurance plan
All international students have mandatory health insurance covered through their tuition fee. More information for international student health insurance is on the Seneca International website.