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Study Permits

International students will need a permit to study in Canada if their course of study is longer than six months.

Decide how you will apply:

You can apply for a study permit online or on paper:

  • Apply for Study Permit online (you will need to create an account, if you don’t have one).
  • If you choose to apply on paper, you may ask for help at your nearest Visa Application Centre (VAC)

Find out what documents you need:

When applying for a study permit, you will need the following documents:

  • acceptance letter and proof of tuition fees payment
  • a valid passport
  • proof of financial support

For more information and a complete list of the documents required, please click here.

In order to be approved, you also need to:

  • convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your studies.
  • demonstrate that you have enough money to support yourself.
  • be in good health. You may need to complete a medical exam.
  • have no criminal record. You may be asked to provide a police certificate.

Step by step instruction guide on how to apply for a study permit is available here.

After you apply for study permit:

If your application is approved, you will receive a Study Permit approval letter, and where necessary a Temporary Resident Visa (Entry Visa) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). You need to show the approval letter upon entry to Canada to receive your actual Study Permit.

SPP (Student Partner Program) India & China

SPP is an expedited Canadian Study Permit (Visa) Process that launched in April 2009. Seneca was among the first colleges across Canada chosen by the Association of Canadian Colleges (ACCC) and the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) visa offices, to help launch this SPP pilot program, in India.

The SPP program makes it easier for serious students to obtain a Canadian study permit visa. The success of this program has now rolled out to China, allowing students from these two countries to:

  • Write an IELTS Assessment: to prove they have the English level to be a success in Canada, at Seneca, by submitting an IELTS (International English Language Test Score)
  • Obtain Financial Endorsement: to prove their financial ability to study in Canada by getting financial endorsement/an educational bank loan with their current Seneca 'Letter of Acceptance'

These additional steps and SPP forms/kits, when attached to your Canadian Study Permit Application Form, and marked SPP, allows IRCC visa offices, in these two countries, to process your Canadian Study Permit much faster. Our international students are very pleased with the quick service IRCC visa offices provide and Seneca is very happy to welcome more international students from these countries, to study with us.

Read how to qualify and apply for an SPP Canadian study permit by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Seneca fully supports the expedited Canadian Study Permit process (SPP). All Indian and Chinese student applicants are advised to apply through the SPP process.

Seneca DLI #O19395536013

  • For details and the forms needed to apply, click here.
  • For Students Partners Program (SPP) Application Kit & Information, click here.
  • To view a video on ‘How to apply for a Study Permit’ in English (with Chinese sub-titles), click here.

Seneca DLI #O19395536013

Important Links

Study Permits

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Note: Study Permit extensions must be started TWO MONTHS before the expiry date printed on your permit. When accessing the CIC website and on-line applications use Internet Explorer (IE) web browser ONLY.

Temporary Resident Visas for persons already in Canada (Entry Visa)

Temporary Resident Visas for persons outside of Canada (Entry Visa)

Visiting the USA?

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