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Seneca students

Summary of co-op work permit

Seneca College, DLI #O19395536013

When you receive a letter from co-op / field placement coordinator, you can apply online or by paper application. There is no cost to apply for co-op work permit. Application to use for co-op work permit is, Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay Or Remain In Canada As A Worker (IMM5710).

Supporting Documents

  • Work permit application (IMM5710)
  • Co-op letter issued by your Academic School (Placement Advisor/Program Coordinator)
  • Confirmation of enrolment letter (only required if applying for a Study Permit at the same time)

General Supporting Documents (additional documents may be required)

  • Copy of your passport (include main page, any stamps, visas or markings)
  • Study Permit
  • Digital photo required for online applications

General overview on how to complete a co-op/field placement work permit application:

  • Select Internet Explorer or Safari web browser only
  • Go to CIC website
  • Click on “Study”
  • Click on “Work while/after your study”
  • Select “Work as a co-op student or intern”
  • Determine how you will apply (look at processing times)
  • Online application = completing online eligibility questionnaire & creating MyCIC account
  • Paper application = downloading application package & sending package via courier company
  • Complete Application IMM 5710; depending on your computer’s operating system you may have to click on hyperlink, download the form to your computer’s desktop to open document
  • Compile supporting documents (scan documents if applying online)
  • Create MyCIC account; required for online applications; platform to upload application form & documents; check messages
  • Submit application for processing