The Campaign for King will focus on three key pillars:

Nursing students


Building Healthy & Safe Communities

Over the next 40 years, York Region’s population is projected to increase to 1.8 million – 60 per cent of which will be newcomers to Canada and 23 per cent over the age of 65.

Ensuring the “social infrastructure” for a growing region, and a growing province, requires a strong pipeline of professional community builders. King Campus is home to postsecondary programs that address core societal needs like nursing; policing; emergency response; therapeutic recreation; early childhood education; social services; and animal care.

King’s programs offer solutions at every stage of life — from early childhood education to gerontology. Support of the Campaign for King will give students, faculty and community partners the resources they need to develop holistic approaches for promoting and facilitating health and wellness.

Seneca’s graduates and programs are in demand and always evolving to meet the needs of industry and communities across Canada. The growth of the King Campus will provide a necessary response to societal calls for more early childhood development professionals, diverse primary health care providers, community safety personnel and mental health practitioners, to name a few.



Transforming the Student Experience

For years, students have followed their passions to King Campus, building fulfilling careers in a learning environment that is inspiring, but limited.

Currently constructed for 1,700 students, learning facilities at King now house more than 3,000. With your help, we will be able to welcome more students to King’s high-demand programs, with new infrastructure, academic options and financial support. The new build at King Campus will add an estimated 140,000 square feet of space for classrooms, labs, a library, a learning centre and study rooms to support hands-on learning and collaborative group work.

Specialized facilities will include patient care labs, therapeutic simulation suites, computer labs and a hospital laboratory for clinical training – providing practical, hands-on experience to ensure our graduates are equipped to make an immediate impact in their chosen fields. As well, 90,000 square feet will be dedicated to a student lounge and a variety of food service options, providing areas to engage in club activities and forge those friendships that are such an important part of the postsecondary experience.

An athletic facility, incorporating a double gymnasium and fitness amenities will promote healthy living, not just for students but also King residents, who continue to benefit from the Campus’s indoor and outdoor recreational facilities.

Eaton Hall exterior


Preserving Our Cultural & Natural Heritage

Wandering through the old growth forests, meadows, and walking paths of historic Eaton Hall is a journey into Ontario’s past.

As custodians of this culturally and naturally significant property, Seneca has a duty to protect and share these remarkable assets for future generations.

The Campaign for King will invest in the future upkeep and sustainable utilization of the campus. The King Campus is situated on nearly 700 acres of natural landscape, much of which is protected by the Oak Ridges Moraine Act. The lake, trails, woods and children’s camps at the Campus have been sources of enjoyment for residents of York Region for more than 40 years. King students learn in a natural environment that is nothing short of breathtaking. The unique natural features of the campus are transformed into “living labs” for environmental studies, early childhood education and recreation and leisure students. Outdoor learning presents a unique opportunity to incorporate nature into the academic experience for students in various programs.

King Campus is also home to a collection of heritage buildings dating back to the 1920s, including a greenhouse, farmhouse, dairy and barn that belonged to Sir Henry Pellatt, who brought hydro electricity to Ontario and was the original owner of Casa Loma. The centerpiece is the majestic, six-story Norman-style chateau, Eaton Hall, which was built under the direction of Lady Flora Eaton in 1939, complete with a ballroom, great hall, library and servant quarters. Eaton Hall is rich in Toronto history, as it became a destination for the city’s socialites, hosting countless events throughout the 40s and 50s. These unique features have become part of King’s identity and inspire the commitment to environmental sustainability and heritage shared by faculty, staff and students.

The Campaign for King includes plans for natural and built environments that will put stewardship of our rare assets at the forefront, create unique learning opportunities, and provide rich community space.