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Medical College Admission Test students

Seneca MCAT Prep

Need help preparing for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), but not able to commit to thousands of dollars and 100-200 hours? Are you focused and need a quick review before writing the MCAT? Seneca can help.

Seneca MCAT Workshop Cost: $695 + HST

Workshop duration: 60 hours over 7.5 weeks (2 evenings per week – each week will cover a major topic area of the MCAT: Biology, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Physics, Verbal Reasoning)

Why Seneca? Our MCAT review workshop was developed and is delivered by Seneca faculty – experts in their fields.

Seneca puts students first – we want you to have the best possible learning experience to prepare you for the rigors of the MCAT. We have been in the business of education for more than 40 years and our faculty are both subject experts and great teachers.

Get the Seneca Edge — our workshop provides strategies for writing multiple-choice exams – these strategies will give you an edge in writing the MCAT. In addition to learning how to ace multiple choice questions just from understanding the English they are written in, you will review key concepts in each of the main MCAT areas, with MCAT style questions as practice in each topic area (both stand-alone and passage-based questions). Lessons are designed around the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) topic outline — each lesson focuses on key concepts and how to avoid typical stumbling blocks.

ll material is available to students in an electronic format, and will be provided in hard-copy at the start of the workshop.

Evening study sessions – Two 4-hour sessions per week offered on weekday evenings.

MCAT skills and strategies – learn the tips and tricks, avoid the traps — succeed with our subject experts.

Expert instructors – our Professors are subject experts and expert teachers — don’t settle for being taught by students — be taught by Professors and subject experts.

Full package of course notes (with practice tests, answers, etc.) provided – also available online in PDF format.

Repeat for free – you may repeat the course as many times as you like without additional fees.