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Gift from Dr. Ursula Franklin will benefit Seneca students, faculty, and community for generations to come

Toronto, April 25, 2013 – Dr. Ursula Franklin is donating more than 220 texts, books, publications, and journals related to Chinese culture, art, and artifacts to Seneca College’s Confucius Institute and libraries.

The collection, which includes some of Dr. Franklin’s working papers and files, is valued at $14,500.

“My hope is that the collection, as a resource centre, becomes a lifelong friend to anyone who visits it. Any visitor should find in the collection a friend ready for a conversation about Chinese culture and history as seen and expressed through Western-trained minds,” said Dr. Franklin. “The friend will be tolerant and undemanding to the beginning enquirer, yet also have treasures of insight, new and revealing, for the knowledgeable visitor.”

The Confucius Institute at Seneca College is committed to making the collection accessible to Seneca students and faculty, as well as the broader public.

“We are honoured that Dr. Franklin is entrusting Seneca with her precious collection,” said Joy McKinnon, Seneca’s Vice President, Academic. “Dr. Franklin’s lifelong dedication to education, research, and activism is an inspiration to us all, and we’re delighted that part of her legacy will be housed at the College.”

Reflecting the Confucius Institute’s mission to promote Chinese language and culture and facilitate cultural exchanges, the collection helps to illustrate how Chinese history and civilization has been described and interpreted by a long line of scholars.

About Dr. Ursula Franklin

Dr. Ursula Franklin is a world-renowned physicist and expert on ancient materials and the social impact of technology. She is a frequent consultant on the authenticity of artifacts, one of only a handful of experts in the world working in her field. She has also gained prominence as a feminist, educator, and activist for human rights and the environment.

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