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Photo of William (Bill) Humber

William (Bill) Humber

MA, Environmental Studies

Professor and Director

Eco-Seneca Initiatives


Urban environment, Water issues, Sustainable communities, Neighbourhood design, Canadian sports history


Environmental educator and historian, Bill Humber has a deep passion for both environmental sustainability and Canadian sports history. Humber is a member of both international and national college committees on sustainability and has given lectures on energy and sustainability in Estonia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. As a distinguished sports historian, he is a selector for Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and Canada’s Baseball Hall of Fame and has published several books about baseball, soccer, and winter sports and the environment.

William Humber has previously provided expert commentary for the National Post and other news outlets.


  • Let It Snow: Keeping Canada’s Winter Sports Alive (2009)
  • A Sporting Chance: Achievements of African-Canadian Athletes (2004)
  • Bowmanville: A Small Town at the Edge (1997)
  • All I Thought About was Baseball (with John St. James, 1996)
  • The Kid’s Soccer Book (1994)
  • The Baseball Book and Trophy (1993)

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