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Centre for Research in Student Mobility

Seneca’s Centre for Research in Student Mobility (CRSM), established in 2014, is a first-of-its-kind research centre dedicated to student pathways, and is quickly becoming a hub for ongoing research in student movement within the postsecondary education sector.

CRSM investigates how and why students transfer between postsecondary institutions and programs with a focus on student pathways from high school, college, university and the labour market. The research includes student movement within the sector provincially, nationally and internationally to help inform policy, program and pathway development, student advising, student support services and institutional partnerships.

In just over two years, CRSM has made at least ten presentations provincially and nationally at both academic and professional conferences (with an additional two upcoming) and completed six reports, with funding provided externally through CTIG and competitive grants from ONCAT and OHCRIF. Our knowledge mobilization activities include discussions with policy makers for evidence based decision making; posting our presentations and publications on our website; and engaging on twitter.

Seneca is Ontario’s leader in credit transfer and college-university collaboration. The College helps hundreds of students each year pursue further education at other colleges and universities.

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Centre for Research in Student Mobility

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