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You Love Music, So Do We

You know that there are people who simply can’t live without music. Maybe you’re one of them. From creation and production to the rush of a gig or your favourite album on headphones, music is the filter through which you see, hear and feel everything.

After immersing yourself for years, it’s time to decide how much music really matters to you.

Seneca’s Independent Music Production and Independent Songwriting and Performance programs will guide you through the process of getting serious about music. Each one-year certificate program trains you in the essentials of songwriting, production and performance, with a professional life in music as the ultimate end.

In addition to your instructors you’ll learn from a community of motivated musicians with different skills, approaches and ideas. Many of them will remain collaborators long past your time at Seneca.

So what do you think? That fact that you’re here means you have a hunch about what’s next for you and music. The only one way to know for sure is to jump in and find out.