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Campus shuttle changes

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 5, there will be changes to where some campus shuttles stop at Newnham Campus, and at King Campus the bus will stop in a new area.

Routes A, B and D

Routes A, B and D, which go to Seneca@York, will stop at Newnham Campus in the bus loop (shown below) on Finch Avenue outside Building C, in the same area used by TTC buses.

Building C bus loop

Routes C, E and F

Route C, E and F will continue using the parking loop outside Building A (shown below) at Newnham Campus.


Building A bus loop

Bus stop map

King Campus bus stop

The bus stop will stop at the north end of the loop by the Residence (shown below).

King Campus bus stop

Shuttle schedule

Get the latest shuttle schedule information on Seneca's website or use the Seneca mobile app for iOS or Android.