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#SenecaProud is a podcast dedicated to the multifaceted people that make up Seneca. It is co-produced by Seneca and Professor Pat Perdue. Read more 

Episode 3: Laura Cavanagh

Professor Laura Cavanagh shares her insights about the popular Behavioural Sciences program, its creation and success. A mom, clinician and published author of her book, Essentials of Understanding Psychology, she talks about scientific behavioural approach to happiness and gives her recommendations for podcasts and books that touch behavioural psychology.

Episode 2: Brian Bell

Professor Brian Bell talks about one of Seneca’s newest programs, Business Analytics, and shares his sentiment on the amazing impact international students have on the Seneca community. As the new Chair of the School of Leadership & Human Resources, he opens up about what it means to be a professor at Seneca and what sets Seneca professors apart from faculty at other institutions. 

Episode 1: Amanda Cupido

Professor Amanda Cupido teaches in the School of Media. In discussing her ideas behind designing the two courses she now teaches — Advanced Storytelling for Audio Platforms and Introduction to Integrated Newsroom — she shares her enthusiasm for teaching as well as the unique, challenging journeys her students undertake in learning how to navigate today’s media landscape. 

Welcome episode

Seneca has partnered with professor and podcasting expert Pat Perdue to launch the #SenecaProud podcast. Every other week, Perdue will speak to faculty from various campuses across the GTA and Peterborough to learn more about their professional background, the courses they teach and what makes them passionate about their work. Subscribe, download and join Perdue as he meets the inspiring professionals who make up the Seneca community.