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2018 Seneca Employee Holiday Schedule

  • Monday, Feb. 19 — Family Day (statutory holiday)*
  • Friday, March 30 — Good Friday (statutory holiday)*
  • Monday, May 21 — Victoria Day (statutory holiday)*
  • Monday, July 2 — Canada Day (statutory holiday)*
  • Monday, Aug. 6 — Civic Holiday (holiday)*
  • Monday, Sept. 3 — Labour Day (statutory holiday)*
  • Monday, Oct. 8 — Thanksgiving Holiday (statutory holiday)*
  • Monday, Dec. 24 — Seneca holiday
  • Tuesday, Dec. 25 — Christmas Day (statutory holiday)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 26 — Boxing Day (statutory holiday)
  • Thursday, Dec. 27 — Seneca holiday
  • Friday, Dec. 28 — Seneca holiday
  • Monday, Dec. 31 — Seneca holiday
  • Tuesday, Jan. 1 — New Year’s Day (statutory holiday)

Seneca will be closed between December 24 and January 1, allowing Seneca employees to enjoy an extended holiday break. These additional holidays will not be deducted from an employee’s annual vacation allotment.

* Holidays where the early leaving applies

Early Leaving Prior to Holidays

While it is important that the educational function and essential services of Seneca should not be interrupted, where operationally feasible and with manager approval, Seneca provides full-time employees with one-hour paid leave at the end of their shift on the workday prior to a number of holidays.

Where Seneca’s operations cannot release an employee early, employees may be provided with the equivalent time:

  • at the beginning of a shift (arrive later); or
  • during a shift (extended lunch break)

The employee must be at work on the workday before the holiday period and there is no carryover of the time to another day.