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Esthetician textbook and supplies

Information for Second-year Esthetician students

Although this list includes supplies and textbooks for your third and fourth semesters you are only required to purchase supplies and textbooks for the third semester subjects. There are some supplies that you will already have from first year and which you do not need to purchase again. The prices quoted for these items are approximate.  

We have assembled kits that will ensure everyone has the same quality tools and products and saves you from having to collect these pieces individually. These kits are mandatory and you are expected to have your kit on the first day of classes so practical work will not be delayed. It is expected that students will wear their uniform and bring their equipment, tools and supplies to each class, including the first. 
Do not purchase kits secondhand. The kits are updated each year so new products, supplies and tools will be found in each kit.
Annual Materials Fee — $75                                                                                              
The annual materials fee is required of each student and covers supplies provided by the program for student use such as specialized products, tissue, paper towels, soap, disinfectant, vinyl gloves, etc.

Prices are approximate and subject to change. Taxes not included.

Subject Textbooks/Supplies Estimated Cost
  • ETC317 Skin Care III
  • ETC410 Spa Treatments II

Beauty Books:  Electrical Therapy
ISBN: 978-0-9942286-7-3, Author Dr R Leibowitz


3rd Semester
  • ETC317 Skin Care III

white sheets and skin care kit – from first year

3rd Semester:

  • ETC310 Spa Treatments I

2 flat white sheets – from first year
2 small, white towels – from first year
Body Kit
1 pillow with white pillowcase*
1 large, white towel or blanket*
*These will be discussed in class by faculty and will not be required during the first week of classes in the Fall semester


4th Semester

  • ETC313 Make-up Techniques

Makeup Kit
Will be discussed in class