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Couple receive honorary degree 

Rita and Rudy Koehler

For more than 12 years, Rita and Rudy Koehler have shown an unwavering dedication to student success. Put simply, they are the most generous benefactors in Seneca’s history.

The couple have been presented an honorary bachelor of applied studies degree for their ongoing philanthropic support of the College and its students.

Bursaries from the Koehler Grandchildren Endowment fund have made education possible for hundreds, who may have otherwise abandoned their studies.

The Koehlers

This extraordinary couple’s legacy of generosity continues with their most recent gift, which will grow the Grandchildren Endowment and establish the Koehler Award for Academic Upgrading Graduates and the Koehler Family Student Success Scholarship. The first of these new awards is for students entering Seneca through the Academic Upgrading program. The second recognizes those excelling within the Faculty of Applied Arts and Health Sciences.

“I feel very grateful to know that amazing people like the Koehlers are investing in our future,” says Koehler bursary recipient Muzammil Abid.

For so many Seneca students, Rudy and Rita are now synonymous with academic success, care and encouragement. It has become a tradition each spring for them to meet the many students who have benefited from their support.

“I am inspired by Mr. and Mrs. Koehler’s desire to bring hope to others,” says recipient Shandelle Wilson. “I hope to also give back through my service within the health care community.”