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PIN number needed to access personal information

With the launch of the MyID password service, employees now require a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to view their personal information in i3. The PIN is meant to protect your privacy and unauthorized access to your confidential information. It can be created in MyID, which can be accessed through the Password Services link on the homepage of My.Seneca.

After you click on the link, you'll be asked for your Seneca username (firstname.lastname) and your password.

The MyID page allows you to change your passwords, create Challenge Questions and a PIN. If your password has not expired, you do not need to change it. If it's your first time in MyID, it's recommended that you create your PIN and Challenge Questions.

Your PIN

You may need to click on the My Profile and My Information links, top left, to access the information on the site.

To update your PIN, click on the arrow next to Update My Pin and a text box will open. Enter five numbers to be used as your five-digit PIN. Be sure it is a number you can easily remember, because it will be needed whenever you want access this information in i3.

Once you've entered a PIN, click Apply.

A message box will appear with a green checkmark in it when the PIN has be saved.

Challenge Questions

These kind of questions are used by many institutions — like banks — to help prove a user's identity. The answers should be kept secret and be ones that you can easily remember.

Select which questions you want to answer from the drop-down menus, fill in the corresponding answers and click Apply.