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Bringing history to life in the classroom

Professor Rose Caruso recently welcomed a number of World War II and Korean Veterans, Peacekeepers, Canadian Forces military personnel and Holocaust survivors into her English and Communications class to share first-hand accounts of their experiences defending Canada.

war veterans

Major Mark Bossi speaks with students about his experiences. 

Students spent half an hour with each guest, listening to them recount their experiences and share the significance of the sacrifices they made. They are presently writing essays about lessons they’ve learned that will be featured on the Veterans Affairs Canada website.

Guests shared dramatically different stories, artifacts and photos from the past as they courageously defended Canada.

This interactive approach to learning about the country’s road to freedom and democracy has become an annual tradition for Professor Caruso, helping students recognize the sacrifices and achievements of the brave Canadians who served, and continue to serve, Canada at home and abroad. 

war veterans

Flight Lieutenant Albert Wallace, left, served in World War II and Captain Mort Lightstone, right, served in the Korean War.