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Dress Code - Nursing Resource Center and Clinical Practice Settings

It is the responsibility of the student to appear professional, neat, well groomed, and clean when serving the public. When giving direct care to clients in agencies, the student is expected to meet the uniform standards set by the school/agency.

The following guidelines are designed to assist the student to maintain personal safety and a professional appearance, as well as to minimize potential hazards to the clients.

Grooming Guidelines

  1. Personal hygiene includes deodorant/antiperspirant.
  2. Perfume should not be worn.
  3. Make-up should be appropriate for day time wear.
  4. Nails should not extend beyond the finger tips. Clear nail polish may be worn. Artificial nails are not acceptable.
  5. Hair should be clean, neat, and off the face. Long hair must be tied back. Hair accessories should be plain and either the colour of the hair or white.
  6. Well-established beards or moustaches should be neatly trimmed and must not interfere with your respirator seal.    
  7. Jewelry
    • Plain wedding rings only
    • Earrings should be confined to small gold/silver-coloured studs
    • Watches with a second hand are required
    • Visible body studs/rings are not allowed


  1. Must be the standard Seneca/York navy blue No crest. Available at the Seneca College, King Campus bookstore.
  2. The set style is 323/312 or 310/307.
  3. The uniform must be kept clean and neat.


  1. White, flat, leather shoes with rubber sole, closed toe and heel.
  2. Plain white running shoes with white leather uppers are acceptable.


  1. White or skin-coloured pattern less stockings/pantyhose with a skirt or white socks with pants.


  1. White washable cardigan (cotton or synthetic fiber).
  2. Must not be worn when giving direct client care.