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Curriculum Requirements

Please note: All costs are estimated and do not include taxes

Term One

COS122: Beauty and Glamour Markup Techniques

  • Student makeup kit and tunic (used for all levels of makeup courses) $565
  • Makeup case (optional)
    • Styles will be available to order through Evolutions Spa or purchased off campus
  • One warm peach and one cool pink material sample ½ meter in length (will be discussed in class)
  • Additional assignment research materials

COB330: Fragrance Sales and Promotions

  • Textbook - $80
    • Dale Peers, The Retailer’s Guide to Fragrance. 7th ed.

Term Two (not required until May 2017)

COS114: Skin Care I

  • Your kit purchased will be utilized for Skin Care I and II courses

COB218: Retail Management Systems

  • Simple, non-scientific calculator with memory function
  • Textbook - $100
    • Dale Peers, Retailing Cosmetics. 13th ed.