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Additional Fee Information

All kits, uniforms and materials are mandatory.

Esthetics Supply Kit (can be used throughout your program and time at Seneca)

  • Costs about $300 plus taxes
  • Includes two white tunics (required uniform top)

Please note that, in addition to the kit, you will need to purchase:

  • Three large, white towels
  • Eight small, white towels
  • One flat, white bed sheet
  • One fitted white bed sheet (No prints, stripes or coloured sheets. We require white lines, so you can bleach them for hygienic purposes.)
  • To ensure that you purchase the correct sizes, styles and quantities, do not purchase towels or sheets until your Professors discuss them with you during the first week of classes.

Materials Fee

  • Costs about $100
  • Covers supplies provided by the program for student use, such as, specialized products, tissues, paper toweling, cleaning supplies, disinfectant, vinyl gloves, etc.


  • Required white tunic (included in the Esthetics Supply Kit)
  • Black dress pants, tights (full-length) or a skirt with black stockings.
  • Low heel/soled, non-marking, clean footwear is required for health and safety reasons.
  • You are not allowed to wear boots, running shoes, flip-flop/thong style sandals or running shoes but flats or ballet slippers are acceptable.
  • You’re responsible for purchasing your pants and shoe portion of the uniform at your preferred store.