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To Do list

  1. Congratulate yourself on this new and exciting endeavour!
  2. Prepare yourself, your family and your friends for the time commitment that you will be making to your studies. 
  3. Daily Computer Access with Internet connection for Seneca Blackboard, email and other resources will be required.
  4. Activate your Seneca e-mail.
  5. English Skills Assessment Test: This must be scheduled and completed before classes start. This will determine English course you will be enrolled in for first semester. It can be scheduled online.
  6. Seneca Orientation: Meet your professors, prepare for the first weeks of class, and to gather information from other college departments that will help you through your first year at Seneca. You will receive further information during the first week of classes.
  7. PND Handbook (pdf). Review this important document.
  8. Review CNO’s Requisite Skills and Abilities for nursing practice in Ontario. This document (pdf) will provide the nature and activities expected of a nurse when entering into a typical entry-level nursing practice.
  9. Transfer Credit: If you have completed courses at another college or university, you may apply for a transfer credit.  The deadline to submit Transfer Credit Requests is Wednesday, Dec. 8. You will require both your official transcript (if we do not have it from your admission process) and the complete course syllabi from your previous college or university,including a detailed weekly schedule
  10. Seneca OneCard (picture ID):  Be sure to have a professional appearance because this is the picture ID that will be worn on your uniform. Tell the photographer that you need a clip-on version of the ID card to wear to agency placements. 
  11. Purchase books before classes start. Books can be ordered online or purchased in the King, Newnham or Seneca@York campus bookstores prior to class start-up.
  12. Purchase Lab Supplies: You will need a stethoscope, clean running shoes, solid colour scrub set (refer to Uniform Information in PND Handbook). You will need this for your first lab class (PNL110).