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Tuesday 1:00 - 2:00

Room 1 - Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions by Lenovo and Nutanix

Jon Lytle (CDW Canada) | Joe Winkfein (CDW Canada)

Why do customers care about hyperconverged infrastructure? It reduces complexity by providing one standardized building block, one management screen, and provides workload flexibility. It bends down the cost curve of IT by being a simple way to procure, set-up and operate virtual machine hosts and their associated storage. Lenovo's Enterprise strategy fits the move to hyper converged infrastructure. Our servers are open and standard, run all the latest hyper converged offerings from the leading vendors, offer the reliability and security needed, and are available at prices that make us an easy choice.



Michael Davidson (Teramach) | Mark Allen (Palo Alto Networks)

IT Security Architects from Palo Alto Networks and TeraMach will discuss recent Canadian Ransomware attacks as well as the current threat landscape facing Higher Educational institutions today.  Our focus will be on up-to-date profiling on the attackers and what they are after, as well as how Educational institutions can prevent these attacks with a holistic Next Generation Security Architecture. 


Room 3 - Adaptive Flash for the Modern Data Center

Peter Kotsopoulos (Nimble Storage) | Michael Gagne (Nimble Storage)

Veeam and Nimble Storage combine to allow customers to reduce costs and protect virtualization investments while simplifying their backup process and environment. Nimble's CS-series adaptive flash technology seamlessly integrates flash and disk delivering both performance and capacity. When paired with Veeam's versatile data protection and recovery, the resulting solution delivers efficiency and availability for the Always-On Experience.


Room 4 - PeopleSoft Security and Dynamic Role Assignments

Jamal Jalali (Seneca College)

In this presentation, I will explain the importance of dynamic roles assignment in PeopleSoft and how these roles assign and drop to and from thousands of users on a daily basis.


Room 5 - Academic Integrity Tracking System ("Listen to the Whispers Before you Hear the Screams")

Andy Paulusma (Confederation College) | Marc Tennier (Confederation College)

Presentation of our in-house Self-Service Banner system for tracking academic integrity violations. This system allows faculty to create a record of any academic offense and prescribe corrective actions as necessary, and also alerts relevant senior academic staff for review / intervention for more serious offenses. Presentation will include a demo of the system and how it will assist faculty and academic managers to collect and analyze data related to students and make better decisions for progressive discipline. Possible integration with other systems will be discussed, and conclude with an opportunity to discuss systems / practices at other colleges.


Room 6 - The Veeam experience: Does it REALLY "Just Work"

Dave Vernon (Loyalist College)

In 2015 Loyalist College knew our backups had to change; we began a search and decided on Veeam Backup & Recovery. This session will explain our path to a Veeam solution and will answer the question does it REALLY "just work".


Room 7 - Invigorate PeopleSoft Client Experience with MAF to Deliver True Mobile Experience

Roderick Bernardo (Seneca College) | Rubinder Singh (Seneca College)

Delivering a true mobile PeopleSoft experience has eluded most organizations. While Fluid UI delivers a responsive design web experience on mobile devices, it would not provide on-demand services as it is not a Mobile App.


Room 8 - Service Catalogue

Ryan Burton (Humber College)

Does your I.T. organization have a service catalogue? No? Well it should. A service catalogue communicates your value to the organization. It also helps influence client expectations. Attendees will learn more about the importance of service catalogues and service lifecycle management in general. A sample service catalogue will be provided. Attendees will also hear about the exciting work Humber is doing to better communicate its values to clients.