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Tuesday 2:00 - 3:00

Room 1 - Driving Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Joe Burkhart (Oracle)

Education institutions are under tremendous pressure to operate efficiently, embrace fiscal stewardship at unprecedented levels, and align scarce resources to the mission of the institution. Couple these challenges with the adoption of new technologies in teaching and learning and the integral role of technology in digital innovation and you'll find it's clear that change is inevitable. Institutions that strategically embrace digital transformation will differentiate themselves and thrive. During this session, we'll explore the challenges facing education leaders, the strategies institutions can use to differentiate and strengthen their long-term viability, and the critical role cloud technology plays in helping institutions achieve their goals.


Room 2 - VM-Aware Storage & Analytics To HElp Simplify Your IT Operations

Rene Chakraborty (Centennial College) | Lori Akti (Lambton College) | Jeff Burdey | Satinder Sharma (Tintri)

Hear from Centennial College and Lambton College around how and why they use Tintri VM-Aware storage and analytics to simplify their VM & VDI deployments and overall operations. Hear about the storage technologies they reviewed before selecting Tintri for their virtualized environments. Tintri's VM-Aware storage uses built-in analytics for per-VM QoS, real-time analytics for troubleshooting and reporting and SaaS Analytics for trending and what-if scenarios/modelling. This is providing higher education organizations like Centennial and Lambton with a scalable storage solution designed from the ground up for virtualization, providing guaranteed per-VM performance while removing 98% of storage management & complexity.


Room 3 - Connected Threat Defence for Today's Threat Environment

Peter Cresswell (Trend Micro) | Hoorang Broujerdi (Seneca College) | Joseph Lee (Seneca College)

Today colleges are high on the list of targets for cyber criminals, including sophisticated attacks by cyber criminal gangs. A layered defence strategy that includes advanced protection on the endpoint, on servers and on network level is the best approach to deal with this threat environment. Not only are these layers important, but as they scale to protect thousands of users and their endpoints, they need to "talk to each other" - sharing threat intelligence for quicker and even automated remediation. Join Trend Micro, along with Seneca College to see how this Connected Threat Defence is implemented.


Room 4 - File Sharing for the Next Generation of Students and Faculty

Michael Berman (Long View)

File sharing in a college environment requires different tools than you would use for sharing photos with family and friends. You need a system that fits your business workflow, enhances student to student, peer to peer, and student to teacher collaboration, and doesn't require IT support every time you need to send a big file. You also need to ensure confidential information - yours and your clients' - stays safe. Join Citrix and Long View as we demonstrate how Citrix ShareFile increases your end user's experience with enhanced file sharing solutions, that provide a native experience with multi-device and platform support while ensuring all data remains safe and secure within your data center.


Room 5 - Document Management with Perceptive Content

Suzanne Johnson (Fanshawe College)

This presentation explains how Fanshawe has managed the abundance of paper at the college with the use of Perceptive Content for workflow and document storage.


Room 6 - Taking Control of your Logs with GrayLog

Dave Vernon (Loyalist College)

If a log is written in an Active Directory forest, but no one reads it, did it really happen? This session will take an introductory look at GrayLog 2, present use cases and show you step-by-step how to take control of your logs in under an hour.


Room 7 - High Density Wi-Fi at Humber College

Andrew Van Twest (Humber College)

In 2015 Humber College revamped their Wi-Fi network moving from a coverage model to a high density model. This will be a technical overview of goals, pain points, and lessons.


Room 8 - Important Lessons from YouTube

Ryan Burton (Humber College)

You can learn a lot about business, leadership, relationships, and technology by watching YouTube videos. In this fun and interactive session, I will share some of my favourite clips. Some will make you laugh. Some clips may even make you cry. But all of the clips will have you thinking. And after each clip, we will take a few moments to discuss what we saw and how we might apply what we just learned to everyday life. This is a session you do not want to miss. Remember to bring a notepad.