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Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30

Room 1 - Preparing for Poised Performance

Lee Manchur (OCAS)

Exploring how to successfully plan, create and execute a performance test suite for web applications using open-source tools and low-cost infrastructure services.


Room 2 - Smart Data vs. Big Data

Greg Clarke (Bell) | Varun Malhotra (Bell)

The surge in business data is causing a massive transformation, driving companies to rethink their IT strategies. Here's how Bell and HPE can help with Data Availability, Management, Protection, & Retention.



Karen McGregor (Microsoft)

Gartner predicts that by 2018, increased security will displace cost savings and agility as the primary driver to move to public cloud. Join us to find out how Azure delivers.


Room 4 - Making Datacenter Infrastructure Invisible: Demystifying Hyperconvergence and the Cloud

Grant Innes (Scalar) | Don Kaus (Nutanix)

Virtualization, hyper-convergence, mobility, and cloud services are transforming IT in organizations world-wide, but far too many companies are being left behind as they cope with rigid legacy data centre infrastructure built upon of stand-alone storage. This technical session will tackle traditional workloads, deploy new scale-out applications, simplify operations, reduce costs, and make your data centre infrastructure invisible by embracing these disruptive new technologies. The talk will also cover performance and availability best practices for storage, networking, and compute/virtualization for high performance databases and applications, and server workloads, and explore a few examples of production deployments on HCI.


Room 5 - Office 365

Frank Rosa (George Brown College) | Jaime Sorgente (Microsoft)

The launch of Office 365 from Microsoft revitalized the company's relevance in the technology space. It has adopted future trends in computing and is growing in market share. In this session we will explore what Office 365 is, discuss its roadmap, explore the many ways it can add value to you and your organization, and how it can fit into the education technology landscape.


Room 6 - PMO: Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement & Cross Functional Transparency

Jimmy Goyal (Seneca College)

This presentation will show Seneca's ITS PMO Framework, and highlight key processes and techniques that help to enhance Stakeholder Engagement and Cross Functional Transparency.


Room 7 - Feeling the Scrum

Lucy Nigro Stefanchuk (Niagara College)

This session will focus on how SCRUM methodology has been applied to Enterprise Systems operational tasks as seen from a developers' point of view applied over a one year period. Do you want to make your developer more productive, interactive with team members and improve quality of work through peer review? Implementation tools for this methodology involve a low cost whiteboard and the almighty STICKY NOTE. Check out this latest journey in people power.