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Wednesday 10:00 - 11:00

Room 1 - Cloud Governance on the College Campus

Brett Gillett (SoftChoice)

In today's world, without proper planning and governance, spending on cloud services can easily get out of control. This is my put your school at risk of not realizing the benefits of moving to the cloud in the first place. As you shift more and more infrastructure to more cloud-based services, consumption and accountability will move increasingly to business units and individual users. That makes the visibility and control required to optimize usage, forecast spending and support chargeback models more crucial than ever. Our session, we discuss the frameworks and tools to support the governance of an effective cloud, and hybrid-cloud strategy at your College.


Room 2 - Epson Introduces New 3LCD Laser Projection Technology

Glen Ricketts (Epson)

Introducing the new Pro L Series projectors from Epson, featuring a lap-free laser light source and unrivaled quality and reliability. Epson invites you to learn about its exciting new line up of premium large-venue laser projectors with virtually maintenance-free operation.


Room 3 - Does Big Data Equal Big Knowledge?

Wilfried van Haeren (Edge-Worx)

Having many different data collection points in your IT infrastructure and application platforms suggests that you (finally) will be able to "see it all". The reality is unfortunately different. Many organizations struggle with not only obtaining the right data, but even more challenging obtaining the right information. In our presentation we will highlight our approach "from BIG data to BIG Knowledge".


Room 4 - Learn Without Limits: The Power of Digital in Higher Education

TBD (Cisco)


Room 5 - Self-Help and Automation in IT: It's Time to Grow Up

Sean Kirby (Buchanan)

This presentation will discuss the evolution of IT support and technology available for your organization to support users quicker with improved services.


Room 6 - User-Centric Design Principles & Best Practices

Cam Jones (Fanshawe College) | Tyler Painter (Fanshawe College) | Megan Jordan (Fanshawe College)

In this session we'll discuss best practices for developing software applications that achieve a high level of user satisfaction. Topics will include effective user engagement, prototyping, and usability.


Room 7 - How Application Availability is Revolutionizing Desktop Delivery and Personalizing the Computing Experience at Georgian College

Sara Triskle (Georgian College)

Georgian College spent several years reviewing possible desktop virtualization technologies, but were unable to find a solution that satisfied our vision of delivering "Applications" anytime, anywhere. Over the past year we were introduced to Software2 and Cloudpaging: a unique technology that met our objectives. This presentation will review the technology and showcase how Georgian's IT department is using Application Availability to make software offerings agile and personalized, and improve the student computing experience.