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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book rooms for multiple people?

You may choose the "Register an Organization" option to register multiple people at once. You don't have to register all attendees at once - if you prefer you can repeat this procedure several times with a few registrations per transaction. On the bottom of the registration page in the Additional Items section click the picture of a room to select rooms. Please click here for step by step instructions on Group Registration.

What if I forgot to book accomodation, can I book it afterwards

Yes. Please contact us at and we will assist you with your order.

Can I cancel my registration

Yes, please email your cancellation request to and we will cancel your order and refund to the payment credit card.

How to see my completed order/Can I change Order information

In your confirmation email. Look for "Your Account". Follow the "Log In" link to see what is in your order.

You cannot cancel the registration, which need Administrator intervention. Other information such as contact info and T-shirt size can be changed.

How to correct discrepancies of what I ordered and what my confirmation email show

Forward the confirmation email to, with an explanation of which item is not what you selected during the registration process.

I still have questions regarding registration. Can I speak to someone for assistance

Please contact to arrange a call session.

When is the deadline for submitting presentation proposals

May 20th will be the deadline. A review committee will vote on presentations after that time. Presenters will be notified of their presentation status.

I would like to submit a presentation proposal, but not sure if it fit the theme

Submit the presentation proposal anyways. A committee will review all submissions and try to align with the theme.

Help at the Conference

There will be details on a mobile app upon your arrival that will provide up to date information as well as navigation within the Conference floor. Booth #23 and #24 will be dedicated for assistance, including information, charging station, first aid kit etc.