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Full Presentation Agenda

Tuesday, June 21

Wednesday, June 22

Tuesday, June 21

Tuesday 10:00 - 11:00

Room 1 - The Enterprise Immune System: Using Machine Learning to Detect "Unknown Unknown" Threats

Dave Masson (Dark Trace)

Learn why "immune system" technologies represent a fundamental innovation for cyber defence. Discover how to apply machine learning and mathematics to detect advanced, internal threats.

Room 2 - What's New in Backup and Recovery

Steve Weaver (Dell Canada)

Explore the latest Dell product releases and how they can solve some of the most pressing backup & recovery related challenges facing organizations.

Room 3 - Centennial's EUC and BYOD Journey with VMWare

Rene Chakraborty (Centennial College) | Rick Roque (VMWare)

A look into Centennial's EUC and BYOD initiatives and how we leveraged VMWare technologies to complete our goal.

Room 4 - Identity Management for Education

Asif Savvas (Simeio Solutions)

Room 5 - Algonquin College Network Architecture Overview

Ron Norris (Algonquin College)

An examination of how Algonquin's Network Architecture and Renewal Strategy is resulting in greater resiliency, reliability and service flexibility while reducing complexity and cost.

Room 6 - The Freedom of Choice

Anthony Fields (Fanshawe College) | Serge Trunkin (Fanshawe College)

Enterprise MDM and BYOD using VMWare AirWatch; With high demand for mobility, users expect access to your enterprise resources from wherever they are. With the high stakes of confidential data, this lecture revolves around evolving the security landscape in an ever-changing mobile environment while providing users with choice, mobility and access to your network resources. This lecture and demonstration will revolve around the BYOD aspect of your enterprise and the management of such using the VMWare AirWatch MDM platform to secure, manage and monitor your devices for compliance.

Room 7 - Winning in Multimedia

Steve Benoit (Georgian College) | Mark Pellegrino (Crestron Canada)

This presentation re-caps Georgian's success in the deployment and management of its multi-media classrooms specifically with the Crestron tool set. The presentation will include ideas for getting additional value, in data and dollars, from your strategic vendors.

Room 8 - Campus LAN Modernization

Hoorang Broujerdi (Seneca College) | Nick Veselinovic (Seneca College) | Jack O'Shea (Bell)

The purpose of this presentation is to provide a brief overview of the Seneca College LAN modernization project.


Tuesday 11:00 - 12:00

Room 1 - Delivering a Modern Education Experience

Tracy Fleming (Avaya)

As technological advances are fostering a revolution in centuries-old protocols, the dissemination of knowledge is no longer tied to the college campus. This session will discuss how a connected campus enables everyone from administrators, to faculty, to students to engage with the entire education experience anytime, anywhere.

Room 2 - Top 10 Business Trends and Strategic Technologies Impacting Higher Education in 2016

Glenda Morgan (Gartner)

Through leveraging Gartner's top 10 lists of business trends and strategic technologies, CIOs and IT leaders will engage in a collaborative workshop to customize their own top 10 business trends and strategic technologies for the institution and speed up strategic planning.

Room 3 - Amazon Web Services Coming to Canada

Alex Coquiero (Amazon)

Whether you are starting your cloud journey or you have a cloud first strategy, AWS has solutions to help facilitate teaching and learning and manage IT operations. Please join us for an update on AWS' expansion into Canada as well as learning how other higher educational institutions are using AWS to develop, deploy and operate secure IT applications and IT services that improve agility, reduce costs and meet the ever-changing needs of teh modern student.

Room 4 - Aruba WLAN Overview -> Next Generation Wireless

Raja Sundarrajan (Aruba)

Take a tour of Aruba's next generation "GenMobile" wireless product offering. Find out how to manage your entire wireless network, control access, provide gigabit connectivity and engage end users with custom built applications.

Room 5 - Working In A Team Environment

Steve Karnis (Conestoga College)

Successful leaders build relationships and trust in their teams and resolve conflicts. Learn and practice leadership skills by working with and leading teams.

Room 6 - Integrated Approach to Academic Planning

Amar Singh (St. Clair College)

Will present the highly integrated approach that St. Clair College takes to greatly simplify the complex processes of academic planning using Academic Interface which includes curriculum development, enrollment planning, course offerings, teacher workload balancing (SWF), part-time teacher contracts, classroom space analysis, automatic and interactive scheduling, and a sandbox that communicates with SIS such as PeopleSoft and Banner in real-time.

Room 7 - All Things Portfolio and Project Management

Claire Rosati (Niagara College)

Join Niagara College as they share their experiences to date establishing an IT Project Portfolio Office and then open up the room to lead a discussion between participants on topics including promoting a project management culture, managing cross-functional groups, starting a PMO, training project managers, identifying best practices, tools and templates to initiate new projects. This session is designed to encourage interactive exchange and insights with colleagues across the colleges on experiences in setting up and rolling out project and portfolio management processes.

Room 8 - Smart Analytics for PeopleSoft

Abby Singh (Seneca College)

Utilizing the capabilities of Oracle Business Intelligence and by leveraging integration with PeopleSoft, Seneca College has implemented smart dashboard analytics and reports for faculty and admin users. This solution provides one version of truth for all senior management generating repeatable KPIs for them and help them to assess performance improvements in specific areas of the college.


Tuesday 1:00 - 2:00

Room 1 - Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions by Lenovo and Nutanix

Jon Lytle (CDW Canada) | Joe Winkfein (CDW Canada)

Why do customers care about hyperconverged infrastructure? It reduces complexity by providing one standardized building block, one management screen, and provides workload flexibility. It bends down the cost curve of IT by being a simple way to procure, set-up and operate virtual machine hosts and their associated storage. Lenovo's Enterprise strategy fits the move to hyper converged infrastructure. Our servers are open and standard, run all the latest hyper converged offerings from the leading vendors, offer the reliability and security needed, and are available at prices that make us an easy choice.


Michael Davidson (Teramach) | Mark Allen (Palo Alto Networks)

IT Security Architects from Palo Alto Networks and TeraMach will discuss recent Canadian Ransomware attacks as well as the current threat landscape facing Higher Educational institutions today.  Our focus will be on up-to-date profiling on the attackers and what they are after, as well as how Educational institutions can prevent these attacks with a holistic Next Generation Security Architecture. 

Room 3 - Adaptive Flash for the Modern Data Center

Peter Kotsopoulos (Nimble Storage) | Michael Gagne (Nimble Storage)

Veeam and Nimble Storage combine to allow customers to reduce costs and protect virtualization investments while simplifying their backup process and environment. Nimble's CS-series adaptive flash technology seamlessly integrates flash and disk delivering both performance and capacity. When paired with Veeam's versatile data protection and recovery, the resulting solution delivers efficiency and availability for the Always-On Experience.

Room 4 - PeopleSoft Security and Dynamic Role Assignments

Jamal Jalali (Seneca College)

In this presentation, I will explain the importance of dynamic roles assignment in PeopleSoft and how these roles assign and drop to and from thousands of users on a daily basis.

Room 5 - Academic Integrity Tracking System ("Listen to the Whispers Before you Hear the Screams")

Andy Paulusma (Confederation College) | Marc Tennier (Confederation College)

Presentation of our in-house Self-Service Banner system for tracking academic integrity violations. This system allows faculty to create a record of any academic offense and prescribe corrective actions as necessary, and also alerts relevant senior academic staff for review / intervention for more serious offenses. Presentation will include a demo of the system and how it will assist faculty and academic managers to collect and analyze data related to students and make better decisions for progressive discipline. Possible integration with other systems will be discussed, and conclude with an opportunity to discuss systems / practices at other colleges.

Room 6 - The Veeam experience: Does it REALLY "Just Work"

Dave Vernon (Loyalist College)

In 2015 Loyalist College knew our backups had to change; we began a search and decided on Veeam Backup & Recovery. This session will explain our path to a Veeam solution and will answer the question does it REALLY "just work".

Room 7 - Invigorate PeopleSoft Client Experience with MAF to Deliver True Mobile Experience

Roderick Bernardo (Seneca College) | Rubinder Singh (Seneca College)

Delivering a true mobile PeopleSoft experience has eluded most organizations. While Fluid UI delivers a responsive design web experience on mobile devices, it would not provide on-demand services as it is not a Mobile App.

Room 8 - Service Catalogue

Ryan Burton (Humber College)

Does your I.T. organization have a service catalogue? No? Well it should. A service catalogue communicates your value to the organization. It also helps influence client expectations. Attendees will learn more about the importance of service catalogues and service lifecycle management in general. A sample service catalogue will be provided. Attendees will also hear about the exciting work Humber is doing to better communicate its values to clients.


Tuesday 2:00 - 3:00

Room 1 - Driving Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Joe Burkhart (Oracle)

Education institutions are under tremendous pressure to operate efficiently, embrace fiscal stewardship at unprecedented levels, and align scarce resources to the mission of the institution. Couple these challenges with the adoption of new technologies in teaching and learning and the integral role of technology in digital innovation and you'll find it's clear that change is inevitable. Institutions that strategically embrace digital transformation will differentiate themselves and thrive. During this session, we'll explore the challenges facing education leaders, the strategies institutions can use to differentiate and strengthen their long-term viability, and the critical role cloud technology plays in helping institutions achieve their goals.

Room 2 - VM-Aware Storage & Analytics To HElp Simplify Your IT Operations

Rene Chakraborty (Centennial College) | Lori Akti (Lambton College) | Jeff Burdey | Satinder Sharma (Tintri)

Hear from Centennial College and Lambton College around how and why they use Tintri VM-Aware storage and analytics to simplify their VM & VDI deployments and overall operations. Hear about the storage technologies they reviewed before selecting Tintri for their virtualized environments. Tintri's VM-Aware storage uses built-in analytics for per-VM QoS, real-time analytics for troubleshooting and reporting and SaaS Analytics for trending and what-if scenarios/modelling. This is providing higher education organizations like Centennial and Lambton with a scalable storage solution designed from the ground up for virtualization, providing guaranteed per-VM performance while removing 98% of storage management & complexity.

Room 3 - Connected Threat Defence for Today's Threat Environment

Peter Cresswell (Trend Micro) | Hoorang Broujerdi (Seneca College) | Joseph Lee (Seneca College)

Today colleges are high on the list of targets for cyber criminals, including sophisticated attacks by cyber criminal gangs. A layered defence strategy that includes advanced protection on the endpoint, on servers and on network level is the best approach to deal with this threat environment. Not only are these layers important, but as they scale to protect thousands of users and their endpoints, they need to "talk to each other" - sharing threat intelligence for quicker and even automated remediation. Join Trend Micro, along with Seneca College to see how this Connected Threat Defence is implemented.

Room 4 - File Sharing for the Next Generation of Students and Faculty

Michael Berman (Long View)

File sharing in a college environment requires different tools than you would use for sharing photos with family and friends. You need a system that fits your business workflow, enhances student to student, peer to peer, and student to teacher collaboration, and doesn't require IT support every time you need to send a big file. You also need to ensure confidential information - yours and your clients' - stays safe. Join Citrix and Long View as we demonstrate how Citrix ShareFile increases your end user's experience with enhanced file sharing solutions, that provide a native experience with multi-device and platform support while ensuring all data remains safe and secure within your data center.

Room 5 - Document Management with Perceptive Content

Suzanne Johnson (Fanshawe College)

This presentation explains how Fanshawe has managed the abundance of paper at the college with the use of Perceptive Content for workflow and document storage.

Room 6 - Taking Control of your Logs with GrayLog

Dave Vernon (Loyalist College)

If a log is written in an Active Directory forest, but no one reads it, did it really happen? This session will take an introductory look at GrayLog 2, present use cases and show you step-by-step how to take control of your logs in under an hour.

Room 7 - High Density Wi-Fi at Humber College

Andrew Van Twest (Humber College)

In 2015 Humber College revamped their Wi-Fi network moving from a coverage model to a high density model. This will be a technical overview of goals, pain points, and lessons.

Room 8 - Important Lessons from YouTube

Ryan Burton (Humber College)

You can learn a lot about business, leadership, relationships, and technology by watching YouTube videos. In this fun and interactive session, I will share some of my favourite clips. Some will make you laugh. Some clips may even make you cry. But all of the clips will have you thinking. And after each clip, we will take a few moments to discuss what we saw and how we might apply what we just learned to everyday life. This is a session you do not want to miss. Remember to bring a notepad.


Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30

Room 1 - Preparing for Poised Performance

Lee Manchur (OCAS)

Exploring how to successfully plan, create and execute a performance test suite for web applications using open-source tools and low-cost infrastructure services.

Room 2 - Smart Data vs. Big Data

Greg Clarke (Bell) | Varun Malhotra (Bell)

The surge in business data is causing a massive transformation, driving companies to rethink their IT strategies. Here's how Bell and HPE can help with Data Availability, Management, Protection, & Retention.

Room 3 - Azure - Better, Faster, Cheaper and More Secure

Karen McGregor (Microsoft)

Gartner predicts that by 2018, increased security will displace cost savings and agility as the primary driver to move to public cloud. Join us to find out how Azure delivers.

Room 4 - Making Datacenter Infrastructure Invisible: Demystifying Hyperconvergence and the Cloud

Grant Innes (Scalar) | Don Kaus (Nutanix)

Virtualization, hyper-convergence, mobility, and cloud services are transforming IT in organizations world-wide, but far too many companies are being left behind as they cope with rigid legacy data centre infrastructure built upon of stand-alone storage. This technical session will tackle traditional workloads, deploy new scale-out applications, simplify operations, reduce costs, and make your data centre infrastructure invisible by embracing these disruptive new technologies. The talk will also cover performance and availability best practices for storage, networking, and compute/virtualization for high performance databases and applications, and server workloads, and explore a few examples of production deployments on HCI.

Room 5 - Office 365

Frank Rosa (George Brown College) | Jaime Sorgente (Microsoft)

The launch of Office 365 from Microsoft revitalized the company's relevance in the technology space. It has adopted future trends in computing and is growing in market share. In this session we will explore what Office 365 is, discuss its roadmap, explore the many ways it can add value to you and your organization, and how it can fit into the education technology landscape.

Room 6 - PMO: Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement & Cross Functional Transparency

Jimmy Goyal (Seneca College)

This presentation will show Seneca's ITS PMO Framework, and highlight key processes and techniques that help to enhance Stakeholder Engagement and Cross Functional Transparency.

Room 7 - Feeling the Scrum

Lucy Nigro Stefanchuk (Niagara College)

This session will focus on how SCRUM methodology has been applied to Enterprise Systems operational tasks as seen from a developers' point of view applied over a one year period. Do you want to make your developer more productive, interactive with team members and improve quality of work through peer review? Implementation tools for this methodology involve a low cost whiteboard and the almighty STICKY NOTE. Check out this latest journey in people power.


Wednesday, June 22

Wednesday 10:00 - 11:00

Room 1 - Cloud Governance on the College Campus

Brett Gillett (SoftChoice)

In today's world, without proper planning and governance, spending on cloud services can easily get out of control. This is my put your school at risk of not realizing the benefits of moving to the cloud in the first place. As you shift more and more infrastructure to more cloud-based services, consumption and accountability will move increasingly to business units and individual users. That makes the visibility and control required to optimize usage, forecast spending and support chargeback models more crucial than ever. Our session, we discuss the frameworks and tools to support the governance of an effective cloud, and hybrid-cloud strategy at your College.

Room 2 - Epson Introduces New 3LCD Laser Projection Technology

Glen Ricketts (Epson)

Introducing the new Pro L Series projectors from Epson, featuring a lap-free laser light source and unrivaled quality and reliability. Epson invites you to learn about its exciting new line up of premium large-venue laser projectors with virtually maintenance-free operation.

Room 3 - Does Big Data Equal Big Knowledge?

Wilfried van Haeren (Edge-Worx)

Having many different data collection points in your IT infrastructure and application platforms suggests that you (finally) will be able to "see it all". The reality is unfortunately different. Many organizations struggle with not only obtaining the right data, but even more challenging obtaining the right information. In our presentation we will highlight our approach "from BIG data to BIG Knowledge".

Room 4 - Learn Without Limits: The Power of Digital in Higher Education

TBD (Cisco)

Room 5 - Self-Help and Automation in IT: It's Time to Grow Up

Sean Kirby (Buchanan)

This presentation will discuss the evolution of IT support and technology available for your organization to support users quicker with improved services.

Room 6 - User-Centric Design Principles & Best Practices

Cam Jones (Fanshawe College) | Tyler Painter (Fanshawe College) | Megan Jordan (Fanshawe College)

In this session we'll discuss best practices for developing software applications that achieve a high level of user satisfaction. Topics will include effective user engagement, prototyping, and usability.

Room 7 - How Application Availability is Revolutionizing Desktop Delivery and Personalizing the Computing Experience at Georgian College

Sara Triskle (Georgian College)

Georgian College spent several years reviewing possible desktop virtualization technologies, but were unable to find a solution that satisfied our vision of delivering "Applications" anytime, anywhere. Over the past year we were introduced to Software2 and Cloudpaging: a unique technology that met our objectives. This presentation will review the technology and showcase how Georgian's IT department is using Application Availability to make software offerings agile and personalized, and improve the student computing experience.


Wednesday 11:00 - 12:00

Room 1 - Predict and Prevent Security Threats Before They Happen

Austin Bates (Cisco) | Chris Frost (Cisco) | Fred Ibrahimsha (CompuCom)

Learn why nothing kills attacks earlier than DNS-layer network security. Gain protection both before and after an attack by predicting threats before they happen and preventing threats before they reach you.

Room 2 - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hyper Converged Solutions for Education

Steve Shaw (Compugen) | Zachary Dickson (Compugen)

Learn about what hyper-convergence can do for you! Deploy VMs in just 5 clicks, update hardware & firmware in just 3 clicks and simplify IT operations to reduce costs and enable faster response to your business needs.

Room 3 - Everything's Faster on Flash

Melanie Stevens (Pure Storage)

Pure Storage has taken the market by storm, showing that spinning disk (a 30 year old technology) is holding organizations back from delivering fast and efficient services to the public. Government organizations around the world are learning that all flash technology can be transformational in helping them deliver private sector experiences to constituents. Flash technology is not only affordable but simple to manage, freeing up resources to have a greater impact, the core mission of the agency. Join this session to learn how municipalities like yours are leveraging flash technology and reducing storage costs at the same time.

Room 4 - How the Workplace of the Future Can Enable Innovative Learning Environments

Tom Hibbs (Polycom)

The most innovative learning environments today provide faculty and students the ability to be located anywhere, use any device, and use multiple modalities for delivering and accessing content in a teaching and learning environment. High definition video, lecture capture, live streaming visual collaboration capabilities will enable you to provide borderless education where you can multiply your impact, extend your reach and improve your student's access to knowledge and expertise. Join Polycom as they share insights into how you can deliver the classroom of the future now with collaboration technology solutions.

Room 5 - VR's Place in Higher Education (Oculus Rift)

Christopher Wilms (Loyalist College) | Liam Edwards (Loyalist College)

This session will demonstrate how Loyalist College is creating and implementing a real-time virtual learning environment for one of its Skilled Trades programs using the Oculus Rift. It will discuss the technical and logistical aspects of the project as well as the project's overarching goals. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the potential for this emerging technology as well as enjoying the opportunity for a hands on demonstration so they can experience it for themselves.

Room 6 - PeopleSoft Update Manager Simplified

Nilesh Mistry (Seneca College) | Andrew Wiebe (Seneca College) | Joanna Tomon (Seneca College)

A proven approach for easy upkeep of your PeopleSoft investment. 

Room 7 - CIO Roundtable

John Levay (Niagara College) | Fred Schumacher (Cambrian College) | Radha Krishnan (Seneca College) | Paul Ruppert (George Brown College) | Roger Fitch (Fleming College)

CIOs will answer prearranged questions and then take questions from the audience.