Accessibility Policy

Establishes Seneca's commitment to a barrier-free learning and working environment that enables academic and employment success and ensures compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Anti-Nepotism Policy

Establishes provisions to ensure that no individual be advantaged in securing and/or maintaining full- or part-time employment at Seneca as a result of nepotism.

Attendance/Absenteeism/Accommodation Policy

Ensures that employees who are unable to perform their regular duties as a result of illness, injury, diminished capacity or disability will be accommodated if possible, as per requirements of the Ontario Human Rights Code or the Workplace Safety Insurance Act.

Contractor Safety and Due Diligence

Ensures that providers of contracted services to Seneca adhere to safety requirements contained within all relevant health and safety legislation.

Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Governs behaviour and practices that potentially infringe(s) on an individual’s right to equal treatment without discrimination or an individual’s right to work or study free from harassment.

Diversity Policy

Ensures a learning and working environment in which all members of the Seneca are included, welcomed and respected.

Employee Academic and Professional Credential Policy

Outlines the minimum academic and/or professional credentials required of employees who teach and/or facilitate courses, labs, and/or field/clinical placements at Seneca.

Holiday Observance Statement

Ensures that current holiday celebrations are fully inclusive and respectful to all members of our community.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Establishes and maintains a safe and healthy work and learning environment for its employees, students, contractors and visitors.

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Guides the recruitment, selection and promotion of the most qualified people to achieve Seneca's strategic objectives and to increase its reputation as an employer of choice.

Religious Observance Policy

Recognizes that absences for religious observance are included in the Collective Agreements, Terms and Conditions of Employment for Administrative Staff and the Ontario Human Rights Code as a shared responsibility.

Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy

Ensures that Seneca has a process of investigation that protects the rights of individuals and holds individuals who have committed an act of sexual violence accountable.

Whistle Blower Policy

Provides the mechanism to raise issues of a public concern that constitute: a criminal offence; negligent, improper or gross mismanagement of any Seneca or public funds; a serious, wilful and flagrant breach of federal, provincial, or municipal statute or college policy, procedure or regulation, and/or a substantial and specific danger to the environment or public health and safety.