Access Control Policy

Describes the protection of Seneca College property, assets, and employees through the use of Keys and Access Cards.

Alcohol Policy

Provides the framework within which to deal with alcohol-related activities including education, promotion, safety, management, enforcement and legal liability.

Campus Access Policy

Maintains a safe and healthy work and learning environment, preserves access to campus services and avoids disruptions or potential disruptions to the teaching and learning environment.

Compliance with Lobbying Laws and Regulations Policy

Ensures compliance with all legislation, regulations and codes of conduct governing federal, provincial and municipal (where applicable) lobbying activities.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Defines standards of conduct that support Seneca’s mission and to assist employees in recognizing real and/or perceived conflict of interest situations so that they can take the initiative to disclose, manage and resolve such situations.

Electrical Lockout Policy

Ensures that work performed by Seneca employees or contractors adheres to all relevant safety laws and regulations, in order to protect the health and safety of the Seneca community.

Emergency Closing Policy

Ensures a safe learning and working environment for students, staff and campus visitors.

Gift Acceptance Policy

Provides direction for acceptance of all charitable gifts to Seneca, identify various means of charitable giving and the specific guidelines related to acceptance of each type of gift and provide guidance to donors and their counsel to assist the facilitation of the gift.

Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Outlines the underlying principles and rules that govern the use of Seneca’s Information Technology (IT) Resources.

Interior Window Covering Policy

Provides a standardized method of maintaining the appropriate level of privacy in Seneca spaces while at the same time reducing the overall fire risk of Seneca and allowing visual access in the event of an emergency, medical or otherwise.

Naming and Recognition Policy

Sets out the principles under which all appropriate Seneca assets may be named to recognize exceptional contributions.

Procurement Policy

Ensures that Seneca’s procurement activities are performed in an efficient and cost effective manner through cross-functional procurement framework, where inventory and services are managed appropriately and an optimal level of quality control is in place.

Purchasing Card Policy

Provides guidance on the use of Seneca’s Corporate Purchasing Card (P-Card) and on the procurement and payment of low dollar value goods and services to ensure acceptable levels of control and accountability.

Signing Authority Policy

Outlines and regulates the signing authority of externally binding transactions and contracts.

Small Appliance Policy

Provides guidance to the Seneca Community on the use and placement of small electrical appliances.

Smoking Restrictions Policy

Provides a healthier working and learning environment for the Seneca community.

Travel and Expense Policy

Provides guidance on the claiming and reimbursement of expenses incurred by employees for Seneca business.