Program Learning Outcomes

This Seneca program has been validated by the Credential Validation Service as an Ontario College Credential as required by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

As a graduate, you will be prepared to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  • Maintain paper and electronic accounting records and prepare financial statements for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  • Employ management accounting techniques in the planning, directing, and controlling of an enterprise.
  • Prepare routine tax returns for individuals ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Use mathematical techniques to support the financial management of a business organization including the preparation of financial information.
  • Apply computer skills and knowledge of accounting information systems to support the accounting function including maintaining accounting records and preparing financial statements and reports and processing payroll.
  • Recognize the impact of the operations of functional areas of an organization on its financial performance.
  • Recognize, within the context of the Canadian business environment, the impact of factors such as economic variables, legislation, and ethics on business operations.
  • Apply contemporary business communication practices and effective interpersonal skills to support the accounting, human resource, and payroll functions.
  • Prepare, maintain, and communicate accurate information related to pensions administration.
  • Plan personal professional development to enhance knowledge of current issues, trends, and practices in the payroll profession.
  • Prepare, maintain, and communicate accurate information in compliance with all relevant employment legislation, law, policies and procedures for payroll, pensions, compensation and benefits.
  • Use current payroll legislation to prepare individual pay including remuneration and deductions to net pay.
  • Prepare payroll remittances and year end documentation for federal, provincial and third party stakeholders.
  • Process payroll and accounting source documents to complete an accounting cycle using appropriate technology.
  • Research and respond to payroll queries in a call centre setting, applying effective customer service techniques.