Program Learning Outcomes

This Seneca program has been validated by the Credential Validation Service as an Ontario College Credential as required by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

As a graduate, you will be prepared to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  • Complete all work in compliance with current legislation, standards, regulations and guidelines.
  • Apply quality control and quality assurance procedures to meet organizational standards and requirements.
  • Comply with current health and safety legislation, as well as organizational practices and procedures.
  • Apply sustainability best practices in workplaces.
  • Use current and emerging technologies to support the implementation of mechanical engineering projects.
  • Analyze and solve mechanical problems by applying mathematics and fundamentals of mechanical engineering.
  • Interpret, prepare and modify mechanical engineering drawings and other related technical documents.
  • Contribute to the design and the analysis of mechanical components, processes and systems applying fundamentals of mechanical engineering.
  • Manufacture, assemble, maintain and repair mechanical components according to required specifications.
  • Verify the specifications of materials, processes and operations to support the design and production of mechanical components.
  • Contribute to the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects.
  • Develop strategies for ongoing personal and professional development to enhance work performance.