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Global Hospitality Services Leadership

Available: Summer, Fall, Winter

Program Description

The Global Hospitality Service Leadership program is designed to provide you with the leadership skills to support the global hospitality service economy. You will be able to respond to the shift in global economic and business management practices from product to service. An emphasis is placed on recognizing new opportunities and developing new service categories and market segments while supporting the implementation of organizational change. This program will introduce you to leadership and innovative service models, digital management and the effective use of predictive analytics and measurements, as well as live-data service with an intimate view of customer knowledge for the hospitality industry. Gain the leadership skills to work in open and interconnected systems within organizations, and the business acumen to assist managers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. Become a sought-after professional able to empower and lead employees to operationalize visions and creatively sustain competitive advantage in a constantly changing global business climate.

What You'll Learn

Throughout the program you'll learn from industry leaders and educators while utilizing state-of-the-art labs, business case studies and field work projects to enhance your expertise.

The program will focus on developing your core skills in service design, delivery and experience. You'll learn to create a highly innovative culture that links service design directly to the consistent delivery of business processes and systems used by firms across the competitive global hospitality and tourism industry.

Look the Part

Studying and working in a business professional attire will allow you to become practiced in formal, occupation-specific presentation and prepare you to become the next generation of Global Hospitality Leaders. These measures are vital to the program curriculum and contribute to your professional experience and success.

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Starting in May 2020, this program will be located at Newnham Campus.



2 Semesters (8 Months)

Credential Awarded

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Your Career

As a program graduate, you'll be equipped with the tools and techniques to find work in a wide range of hospitality, travel and tourism related roles including: Assistant Manager – Operations, Assistant Manager – Hotel, Banquet Manager, Catering Sales Manager, Conference Services Manager, Travel and Tourism Manager,  Sales and Marketing Manager, and take on projects to enhance Experience, Customer Retention and Loyalty in the Hospitality and Tourism industry  

Take your newly developed skills and knowledge back home to broaden your employment prospects or you may be able to extend the duration of your Canadian experience by obtaining a 1-3 year post-graduate work permit.

Work-Integrated Learning - Optional

Optional Work Term

Students meeting all academic requirements may have the opportunity to complete an optional work term(s) in a formal work environment.  The work term(s) is similar in length to an academic semester and typically involves full-time work hours that may be paid or unpaid. In programs with limited work term opportunities, additional academic requirements and a passing grade on a communication assessment may be required for eligibility.  Eligibility for participation does not guarantee a work position will be secured. Additional fees are required for those participating in the optional work term stream regardless of success in securing a work position.

Admission Requirements

Program Eligibility

  • An Ontario university/college degree or three-year college diploma, or equivalent. Applicants with a combination of postsecondary and significant related work experience may be considered. A resume and references will be requested.
  • English proficiency at the graduate level.

Program Costs

Choose academic year:

Tuition – Domestic


Tuition – International


Book & Supply Costs


Please note: All costs are approximate, may vary by campus and are subject to change at any time without notice. Parking, locker and some mandatory incidental fees are among the charges not included in the figures above.

Program Details

The Degree and Credit Transfer Office provides a number of services for students continuing their education at Seneca, and for graduating students considering degree transfer options.

Through transfer agreements and institution partnerships, graduates of this Seneca College program may be eligible for credit at various post-secondary institutions. Please refer to the Degree Transfer Guide for more information.

Transfer Credit may be granted for courses deemed equivalent to courses at Seneca that have been completed at recognized postsecondary institutions. Additional information is available online.

Please take a few moments to view Important Academic Dates for your relevant term.

Please select the curriculum from the Academic Year in which you started (or will be starting) your studies. An Academic Year begins in September and ends in August of the following year.


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Program Coordinator

Athena Hurezeanu 416.491.5050 ext. 26093

Program Chair

Angela Zigras 416.491.5050 ext. 77531

Why Choose Seneca?

Passionate, expert faculty from a range of professions

Real-world learning experiences through paid and non-paid work opportunities

Curriculums developed in collaboration with industry advisory committees

A variety of credentials offered from certificates, diplomas, degrees, and graduate certificates

Opportunities to pathway to higher level credentials at Seneca and other universities in our transfer partnership network