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Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

I WANT TO APPLY TO SENECA: How do I apply, and what is the deadline to apply?

To be considered for admission to any full-time program at any public Ontario college, you need to apply through When you are filling out your application, you will indicate which academic documents you will be sending for evaluation in support of your application. Documents should be sent through with your application. For detailed information on when to apply please go to's applicant information section. Apply as early as possible!

How do I apply if I have studied internationally?

Seneca will consider applications for admission through from applicants who have gained equivalent educational qualifications abroad. Depending upon the program to which you apply, an international document evaluation may be required. If you have taken any TOEFL or Academic IELTS tests, or studied English in Canada, you can send the results to Once you apply online and your supporting documents are evaluated, Seneca will finish processing your application. We will schedule you for English proficiency testing at Seneca, if required. For more information see International Students - Admission Requirements.

I AM AN APPLICANT: What is a pre-admission test and why do I need to take it?

There are two main reasons for pre-admission testing, although not all applicants are required to take a pre-admission test: 1) you will need to complete the Mature Applicant Entrance Test if you don't have a Grade 12 (or equivalent) credit in English and/or Mathematics, and 2) you will also need to write a pre-admission test if you have applied to a highly competitive (oversubscribed) program.

You will receive correspondence advising you of the details. Test results and other information will be used to arrive at a rank-ordered list of applicants. Offers of Admission are granted to the top students. There is a $55 pre-admission test fee. If you are invited to write a test for more than one program at Seneca, please contact the Admissions Office, as it is usually not necessary to attend more than one pre-admission test session.

Practice Tests:



  1. Mathematics Practice Test #1
  2. Mathematics Practice Test #2
  3. Mathematics Practice Test #3

How do I find out about the status of my application?

Processing procedures will take anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks from the time we receive your signed application and the required supporting documents from

Once we have received your application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your Seneca account. This will help you view and check your status on Seneca's applicant portal.

You will receive admissions decisions through the mail, as well as finding them posted on and on the Seneca portal.

How long will I be on the waiting list?

Inclusion on a waitlist is not a guarantee of a seat in the program, nor is it a guarantee of a seat for the next available start date. It is impossible to predict if or when you will be offered a space in the program. A wait list is created when a program is full. If a space in the program becomes available, the first person on the waiting list is offered the space, and is given a date by which their confirmation must be received, or the offer expires. If they decline, or miss the deadline, the space is then offered to the next person on the waiting list, and so on.

You are able to confirm an offer to another program, even with another college, and still remain on our waiting list. Seats may become available any time, up until and including the first week of school. If you are offered a space and you have already paid tuition elsewhere, you may want to withdraw from the other program. If the program from which you are withdrawing is also at Seneca College, we are able to transfer your fees paid from one program to the other, with no charge. Other schools may charge a withdrawal fee, so prior to confirming and paying your tuition to another school, we urge you to research their withdrawal refund policy and factor that into your decision.

I AM ADMITTED TO SENECA: How can I make my tuition fee payment?

The due date for tuition payment applies to all new students including those who may be applying or waiting for Ontario Student Assistance (OSAP), Second Career funding or other funding monies. You can review your fee payment options online, or refer to your Admission Welcome Guide.

Your fees invoice is included with your Offer of Admission package. Tuition fees are due by the date assigned on your Offer of Admission. You can also view your account information online by logging in to Student Centre.

If we do not receive your payment by the assigned due date, we will assume that you do not intend to attend Seneca and your seat may be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

I am late with my payment; will I still be accepted?

If we still have space in the program we will continue to allow late payment on a first come, first served basis until the program is full. Please contact the Admissions Office.

What is your refund policy?

If you withdraw in writing before the tenth day of class, you will receive a partial refund, less $500 non-refundable tuition deposit. After the tenth day of class, no refund will be issued. You can find the refund policy online.

Can I defer my offer of admission?

Offers of admission can't be deferred. However, applications through are valid for one academic year. You may use your September application to apply to programs beginning in the following January or May provided the program offers that start date. Assuming there is a January or May session you would log into and change your program choice. Your application would then be re-processed.

If you are applying to programs beginning the following September or later, you will be required to create a new application through and pay a new application fee.

What is Skills Assessment and why do I need to take it?

If you have been accepted to a post-secondary program (where a part of the admission requirement is a high school diploma or equivalent), you are required to complete the Skills Assessment. We need the results of this assessment to prepare your timetable.

If you are accepted into a graduate certificate program (where a part of the admission requirements is a minimum three-year diploma or degree) you do not need to complete this assessment.

If you have not yet made an appointment or you are unsure whether you have to take the test or not, please call the Skills Assessment office at 416-491-5050 ext. 26868 or e-mail Look online for Skills Assessment Frequently Asked Questions.

When will I receive my timetable?

See information in Registration and Records.

Do I qualify for Transfer Credit?

Please visit the Degree and Transfer Credit Office website for information about Transfer Credit.