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Transferring to Seneca


Are you applying to Seneca College following study at another college of applied arts and technology or a university? If so, you must have completed, or be enrolled in, any pre-requisite courses for your chosen program. Pre-requisite courses must be completed in a specific order. For more information on prerequisites specific to any program, choose your program from the list at Our Programs. Once you have selected the program, click on “Curriculum” in the left navigation for a list of courses and associated pre-requisites.

Regardless of the semester entry level, you must apply in the normal manner through Seneca College may charge a credential assessment fee - contact the Registration Office for a fee schedule.

NOTE: it is solely your responsibility, regardless of the sequence in which courses are taken, to ensure that all the academic requirements of the diploma or certificate program of your choice are met.

Admission with Transfer Credit

If you have a college or university level course that's similar to a Seneca course, you may be eligible to apply for Transfer Credit at Seneca. Please visit the Degree and Transfer Credit Office for additional information.

Program-Related Courses

Begin by reviewing the detailed course descriptions for the Seneca courses you will be required to complete in your program. By reviewing these course descriptions and comparing them to your previous study, you may be able to determine whether or not to apply for transfer credit in a Seneca course. Access the online calendar to view curriculum outlines - use the alphabetical guide to access your program. All required courses are listed on the program page.

General Education Courses

Normally these do not require a match of curriculum content. You may, for example, use a university credit in Psychology as a general education elective.

Transfer Credit Form

The Request for Transfer Credit form and instructions for completion and submission are online. For more information on Transfer Credit, see the Academic Policies section on Qualifications and Equivalencies, item 4.3.

Prior Learning Assessment

Some students may possess significant experiential learning acquired from employment, independent study or life experience. This experiential learning may be equivalent to the learning outcomes of a specific College course. The method of assessment will vary according to the course matter being assessed. College credit will be awarded when the documented or demonstrated learning is deemed to be equivalent to a Seneca course offering. For more information on Prior Learning Assessment, see the Academic Policies section on Qualifications and Equivalencies, item 4.4.

To determine if you are eligible for Prior Learning Assessment, contact the Chair of the program you have applied for at (416) 491-5050. For more information link to your desired program page and click on “Contact Us” in the left navigation.