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International Admissions - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions about International Admissions at Seneca College.

How long will it take for me to receive a response to my application, and how do you communicate your decision?

Once we have received your signed application and all required supporting documents, it will take from 4 to 6 weeks to process your application.

You will receive our decision by courier or by mail depending on your mailing address. All offers being sent to addresses outside of Canada are sent by courier. In addition, all applicants that are being sent an offer by courier will also receive an email containing the tracking information for the package.

I have sent my application but have not sent the required supporting documents. What do I need to do?

We need to receive your signed application and the required supporting documents via mail, fax or email to:


Seneca College
International Admissions
1750 Finch Avenue East
Toronto, ON M2J2X5

Fax:  (416) 492-9243


Please allow between 5-8 working days for us receive your documents if you have sent them via courier. If you have sent your documents to us via post, allow 10-15 working days for them to reach us. You may check with us again after that time has elapsed.

IMPORTANT: include your Seneca Confirmation or Seneca ID number on all submitted material or there could be a delay in the processing of your application.

Where can I find my confirmation number and my Seneca ID number?

You can find your confirmation number on the PDF copy of your application that was e-mailed to you upon submission of your online application. We require your confirmation number or Seneca ID number each time you contact us so that we can assist you effectively.

You can find your Seneca ID number on your offer letter. We require your confirmation number or Seneca ID number each time you contact us so that we can assist you effectively.

Important: Please remember to quote full name and Student ID or Confirmation Number when sending documents and/or for all correspondence with the College.

How much are the tuition fees for international students, and how can I pay my fees?

The estimated cost of tuition for international students is approximately $6,500 per semester; however please note that the tuition fees vary by semester. Refer to Seneca's current Tuition Schedule for accurate and current information regarding tuition fees.

To pay your fees, there are several options available.  You can pay by Travelex's bank to bank transfer, certified cheque, credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex) or by wire transfer. Travelex is Seneca's preferred method of payment as payments are received quickly. Other payment options may take up to 8 weeks to be credited to your account and your seat is not reserved until the payment is received.

Please refer to the International Admissions Guide for more information on payment methods and instructions.

How soon should I make my tuition fee payment? What happens if I miss the payment deadline?

Pay your fees before the expiry date on your Letter of Acceptance (upper right hand corner of your Letter of Acceptance) in order to secure your seat in the program. If you would like more information about payment methods please see Tuition Payment information in the International Admissions Guide.

If you do not pay your fees before the expiry date, your offer will expire (be cancelled). Please contact us as soon as possible if you are still interested in attending Seneca, to see if there are still seats available and if your offer can be re-activated.

If your tuition fee payment is received after the offer has already expired, we are unable to guarantee that a seat is still available in this program. To secure your seat in the program, please ensure that you make your payment before the expiry of the offer. If you are paying by wire transfer or certified cheque it can take up to 8 weeks for the funds to be credited to your account. Please fax the proof of wire transfer or a photocopy of the certified cheque to International Admissions as notification that the funds have been sent.

I have now received my visa. What is the next step?

Please mail or fax a copy of the documents to International Admissions. You will also be required to bring the original documents to International Admissions once you arrive in Canada.

Important: Please remember to quote full name and Student ID or Confirmation Number when sending documents and/or for all correspondence with the College.

If I cannot attend classes because my visa has been denied or has not been received, what are my next steps?

If your visa has been denied, or if your visa has not been received, you can choose to request a deferral to the next semester or a withdrawal and refund of your fees. In either case you should contact the International Admissions office to advise them of the situation.

For more information on Seneca's Refund Policy and to obtain the necessary forms, please refer to the International Admissions Guide.

I want to defer my acceptance to a later start date. What do I need to do?

Please fax (+1 416 492-9243) or e-mail ( a deferral request form to the International Admissions Office. You will have to send this request to us prior to your Semester 1 fees payment due date. The Request for Deferral form can be found at the back of the International Admissions Guide.

Once we receive your request, we can change your start date. If you need another acceptance letter, you can request for another one to be sent to you. Full fees must be received to be eligible for a deferral.

NOTE: The College must receive your request before the 10 th day (Day 10) of classes in your first semester. No fees will be transferred or refunded after Day 10.

Details of our Deferral/Refund policies are stated in our International Admissions Guide sent in your Acceptance Package or found online.

How can I make changes to my contact information?

Please fax a written letter which includes your signature and outlines the desired changes to International Admissions at FAX (+1 416 492 9243)

Important: Please remember to quote full name and Student ID or Confirmation Number when sending documents and/or for all correspondence with the College.

I have checked the web site and it says the program I am interested in is closed. What can I do?

Seneca has many popular and oversubscribed programs. As a result, we may have already filled all of the seats in the program. We encourage you to apply for the next available start date or select a different program that interests you.

I would like to change the program that I have applied for. How do I make this change?

If you applied through, change the program online at

If you applied directly through Seneca, mail or fax a letter to International Admissions (with your signature) stating which program you would like to change or add to your application.

Do I need to submit IELTS or TOEFL with my application?

This all depends on where you attended school. If you attended school in a country where English is the first language spoken then this requirement is waived. However, if English is not the primary language spoken in the country you were schooled in, you will be required to take either the IELTS or TOEFL. For more information regarding English Proficiency and a list of exempt countries, please visit the Admission Requirements page of Seneca International.

What am I expected to do on arrival at Seneca?

Upon your arrival at Seneca, please go directly to the International Admissions Office at Newnham Campus or King Campus to register. Bring your passport, your study permit, and your address in Canada.

Please click here for the locations and hours of the Admissions Offices.

As a new Seneca student, you may be required to take Skills Assessment testing. Please visit the Test Centre website for more information or to book your Skills Assessment appointment now.

Please visit the Seneca International.

How do I authorize another person to act on my behalf?

If you wish to authorize another person to act on your behalf, you need to FAX a written authorization letter to the International Admissions Office. This letter must include the following information:

1) Your full name & Student ID
2) Your address and contact information (email and telephone)
3) Full name of the person you wish to authorize
4) The authorized person's email address, home address and telephone number
5) The person's relationship to you
6) Your authorization signature