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Head Start Tuition Assistance Bursaries

Get a head start on your Seneca career or degree! You may qualify for up to $2,000 in tuition assistance toward your degree or up to $1,000 towards your diploma or certificate. You can apply online once you have confirmed your offer of admission and paid your tuition deposit.

You may qualify if you:

  • are a permanent resident of Ontario
  • have applied for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and your application has been processed (make sure all required OSAP documentation has been submitted to the Financial Aid Office and processed by the deadline date)
  • don’t expect your financial resources to fully cover your education expenses
  • are a new full-time student registering at Seneca or you are in the first year of the Nursing-Collaborative BScN Degree program
  • have paid the minimum fee deposit by the due date on your student account invoice

Available bursaries:

You can apply by going to the online Student Centre and logging in with your Seneca email username and password. Under Finances there are links for Financial Aid. Select Apply for Financial Aid. To fill out your application, select the correct academic year. Select apply for award , select calculate eligibility; select Head Start Bursary.

To be eligible for this bursary the application needs to be completed by the tenth day of classes. You must have also applied as required to OSAP.


Program Starts  Bursary Application Deadline  Osap Application Deadline
Fall Tenth Day of Classes June 30th
Winter Tenth Day of Classes  October 31st
Summer Tenth Day of Classes  March 31st

NOTE: It’s important to complete all items on the application; otherwise, your application may be disqualified.