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Success Stories

Applied Research Fund Recipients Honoured


Congratulations to the Fall 2016 Applied Research Fund (ARF) recipients! This years recipients (from left to right) included:


1. Sabine Weber investigating "Changing Consumer Behavior to Fashion Consumption and Disposal Through Education"

2. Shannon Blake investigating "An Exploration of the Effects of Community Arts on Street-involved Adults"

3. Samky Mak investigating "Measuring the Impact of Financial Cybercrime on Canadians"

4. Frank Merante investigating "Human Sweat Metabolomics and Mitochondrial Performance Augmentation by Organic Acid Supplementation – Investigation of Athletic Improvement by Mitronite, a Natural Health Product Organic Acid and Antioxidant Combination"

5. Jo Gomes investigating "Experiences of the LGBTTGNCQ Homeless Youth in York Region"