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Employment Opportunities

1. Personal Finance Research Assistant (Job ID: 134747) 

In partnership with our industry/community partners Prosper Canada, Fintelligence and ABC Guys, Researchers in Seneca Business are undertaking an applied research project on the analysis of factors that influence financial literacy among millennials in Canada. Our community/industry partners are actively engaged in financial literacy in Canada and are looking for research for comparative analysis of financial literacy among low income and middle income groups, motivation factors responsible for millennials’ financial literacy and strategies for the appropriate development for dissemination of this information. Through primary data collection and analysis, this project will find out answers to these specific questions.

2. Research Assistant: Immunodiagnostics and Microfluidics Point-of-Care-Testing (Job ID: 134817)

ChipCare, an Ontario based company, specializing in immunodiagnostic microfluidics and diagnostic-point-of-care procedures requires a specialist who can assist in the production and testing of reagents associated with their compatibility on ChipCare’s proprietary microfluidics platform.