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Employment Opportunities

Job ID: 131017 

Title: Research Assistant 

Description: Dr. Sarah Dunkel-Jackson, academic coordinator of the Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology degree program, is recruiting students interested in collaborating with the Geneva Centre for Autism on an internally funded Applied Research Fund applied research project. Students will help to investigate new and innovative ways to conduct state-of-the-art assessments to identify “why” challenging behaviour of adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder occurs in order to develop innovative and individualized interventions that will teach new skills to develop appropriate transition and vocational skills.

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Job ID: 130946

Title: Research Assistant Recombinant Protein Expression & Purification Specialist

Description: GeneBiosystems, an Ontario based company specializing in molecular biology reagents requires a recombinant protein production specialist who can assist in the production of recombinant nucleic acid amplification enzymes to complement the Companies patented isothermal amplification technology. The enzyme(s) will be produced and purified using molecular techniques and preference will be given to candidates possessing experience in this area of research. Protein engineering and bioinformatics techniques will be utilized to produce proprietary enzymes to a commercial and diagnostic standard.   

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Job ID: 130569

Title: Career Anxiety Research Assistant 

Description: Working with Career Professionals of Canada, the Lead Investigator is undertaking research to assess the benefits of virtual hypnosis in reducing career anxiety. Under the supervision of the Lead Investigator, the Research Assistant is responsible for assisting the Lead Investigator in a variety of tasks which may include preparing resources, equipment, materials for the research, and documenting and analyzing results in support of the research activities. The research project is intended to provide the opportunity to learn proper research procedures and techniques.   

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