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The Impact of Cyber Shaming on Emerging Young Women

University Settlement, founded in 1910, was the first community-based social service centre in the City of Toronto. Through their programs and services, University Settlement provides social, cultural, recreational and educational services to newcomers to help in their settlement and adaptation to Canada. Dr. Soheila Pashang from Seneca’s School of Community Services is collaborating with Jennifer Clarke (Ryerson University), Dr. Nazilla Khanlou (York University) and Behnaz Azad (University Settlement) to explore the mental health implications of cyber sexual violence against young women (ages 19-29) in Ontario. By applying a Gender-Transformative Health Promotion Framework and intersectionality, this research promotes women-centered, gender equity-oriented, and trauma informed strategies to provide definitional clarity and further explore the mental health impacts of cyber sexual violence on young women.

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