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Seneca Retirees Association

Latest Updates:     e-Sentinel #30 - March 2015  


The e-Sentinel

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The Seneca Retirees Association was founded in September 1994 by Jack Routh and a small working group consisting of: Dick Grannan, Mike O'Driscoll, Marie Wenman, Shirley Blain, Jean Hoult and Harold Atkins. The organization grew quickly and, in 1999, it officially became a Chapter of the Seneca Alumni Association.

Objectives and Goals

  • To promote continuing contact and dialogue among the retired members of the Seneca College Community.
  • To provide social functions, valuable information, and support for all of its members.
  • To maintain an on-going and healthy relationship with the existing College Community.

Recent Updates

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Share your news and views with SRA

The SRA Newsletter is expanding its reach with news and articles of interest to SRA members, new retirees and Seneca Alumni. We need your help.

Please send anything along that you think would be appropriate for the membership including: coping with retirement, fighting boredom and depression, getting your second wind, reaching out to others in need, staying on top of your game and your health, and mentoring. If thatís not up your alley, how about poetry, or observations you may have about friends and teacherís youíve known who left an indelible mark on you?

The list is long and only limited by your imagination. All this takes is a concerted effort on your part to sit down at your computer and get some of your really good ideas down on the screen. The ranks of the SRA are going to swell in size as never before. Make up your mind to hop on board, volunteer your time and hard copy and watch your audience grow.

Weíre not looking for Shakespeares, just writers who can put great ideas into words plainly and simply. Please forward any ideas, news, and views to 

Please note there is an underscore between Seneca and Retirees (                         

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Updated May 29, 2015