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Seneca's Fleet

Our Fleet

Seneca’s Fleet consists of 19 aircraft:

  • 8 Cessna 172
  • 4 G1000 172 (glass cockpit)
  • 4 Beechcraft Bonnanza
  • 2 Beechcraft Barons
  • 1 G1000 Baron (glass cockpit) 

Students begin their flight training in the single-engine Cessna 172 and then move on to our Beechcraft Bonanzas. Training in the Bonanzas includes long distance flights to places such as Burlington, Vermont; Frederiction, New Brunswick and Detroit, Michigan. Students then progress to the twin-engine Beechcraft Baron.



Learn more about our fleet of planes. Speaking in the video are student Kaitlynn, Lynne McMullen, Director of Business Development and Dominic Totino, Program Manager.