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Our Fleet

Seneca’s Fleet consists of 19 aircraft:

  • 8 Cessna 172
  • 4 G1000 172 (glass cockpit)
  • 4 Beechcraft Bonnanza
  • 2 Beechcraft Barons
  • 1 G1000 Baron (glass cockpit) 

Students begin their flight training in the single-engine Cessna 172 and then move on to our Beechcraft Bonanzas. Training in the Bonanzas includes long distance flights to places such as Burlington, Vermont; Frederiction, New Brunswick and Detroit, Michigan. Students then progress to the twin-engine Beechcraft Baron.



Learn more about our fleet of planes. Speaking in the video are student Kaitlynn, Lynne McMullen, Chair, School of Aviation and Dominic Totino, Director of Maintenance.

Video Photos Beechcraft Bonanza Beechcraft Baron